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Love to Salsa dance? We are looking for you!
Posted by digidancer
12/14/2012  9:50:00 AM
Love to Salsa dance? Want to share the fun with others? We are looking for you!
Bravo Dance Studio is looking for an instructor(s) to teach nightclub Salsa to beginner and intermediate level adult students. Emphasis is on fun and easy steps that can be danced socially in a Salsa club or other casual setting -- lead and follow. We are open to any style of salsa -- Cali, Cuban, Miami, LA, New York, Puerto Rican.

Current class format includes one class in NightClub Latin (cha cha, merengue, bachata) and one class in NightClub Salsa. Format may be adjusted to fit instructor's strong points -- salsa only, or include classes in casino rueda, Salsa suelta, hustle, west coast swing, lindy hop..... We are willing to adjust, but needs to include a salsa class.

Please contact us via email. Videos, list of previous experience, or resume are all helpful. No phone calls, please.

Re: Love to Salsa dance? We are looking for you!
Posted by MikeVinson
12/20/2012  5:31:00 PM
Hi! My name is Mike and I live in Orlando. I am 5 ft 11 in tall and I enjoy dancing. Do you need any male instructors?
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