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Sequence dance music
Posted by catman
1/12/2013  1:57:00 PM
Can anyone tell me if there are any sites with modern music suitable for sequence dancing i:e Cha cha and quickstep.

Most music for sequence seems to be very old

Re: Sequence dance music
Posted by socialdancer
1/12/2013  5:04:00 PM
The best source of sequence CDs is the publisher Maestro at www.maestrorecords.com
Try the stuff from Richard Keeling, Larry Green and David Last.

There's also a great quickstep (and more)on Jon Canning's CD "Have I Told You Lately" from his own site www.canningmusicalproductions.co.uk
Re: Sequence dance music
Posted by catman
1/13/2013  1:44:00 PM
Thanks for response
What i mean is yes more recently written material say in the last 2 years my other alternative is to edit and re phase some modern music.

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