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Videos don't play on ipad
Posted by ninansp1
3/3/2013  5:26:00 AM
Anyone know how to get the dance videos to play on ipad? I get a black screen and no videos.
Re: Videos don't play on ipad
Posted by Waltz123
3/3/2013  6:04:00 PM
To play the videos on your ipad, you have two options. Follow this link for more info:


Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Videos don't play on ipad
Posted by Patman08
3/5/2013  9:20:00 AM
My opinion (not sure if it's right) is that you should see what types of system your ipad works on. If not, try and see if you can download that certain software then you should be able to get the video working
Re: Videos don't play on ipad
Posted by Administrator
3/5/2013  11:35:00 PM
The iPad will work great with our videos. We have a dedicated mobile version of our website just for that purpose, with absolutely no configuration necessary. The URL is http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/.

If you prefer to use our full website with your iPad, you can do that, too. But you will need to make one slight modification to your user account settings. For more info, see the link above.

Jonathan Atkinson
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