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dancing to the music
Posted by HMAD415
7/16/2013  1:43:00 PM
The video's are great, however, they don't show matched to the music. Is there any way that will happen in the near future?
Re: dancing to the music
Posted by Administrator
7/22/2013  1:18:00 PM
Yes, and very soon. But I can do you one better...

Over the last year and a half, we have filmed the entire bronze syllabus in HD with complete instruction, including dancing to narrated counts, then man and lady each taking turns explaining their own parts in detail, then giving technical tips, and finally dancing to music.

I had been editing the first batch of videos for the last few months and I was getting ready to release the first set, but the development of the app for iPhone has recently taken all my time and energy. So the video editing took a hiatus. Once I get back to it, it won't be long before you see the first set of instructional videos start to appear.

We do have a set of 3 sample instructional videos, available here:

This will all be available to premium members at no additional cost. We won't be adding tiers to the membership or increasing the cost for these videos. It will all be included for the single yearly membership fee. Non-members and basic members will also benefit, as we will release a few of the instructional videos free to the public.

Jonathan Atkinson
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