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Hockey Stick
Posted by dolcemina
7/28/2013  12:27:00 PM
I'm having trouble with continuing hockey stick after alemana. When I am finished alemana lady is not in fan position.
Re: Hockey Stick
Posted by Waltz123
8/15/2013  8:55:00 AM
That is correct, not all figures end in the same position. And that's a good thing if you think about it -- It adds variety and interest to the dance.

The Alemana in its basic version ends in right side position, and from there the simplest transition to Fan position would be (1) the Natural Opening Out, or (2) the Closed Hip Twist. If you are not yet familiar with those figures, you could lead the lady to step sideways on the last step of the Alemana and end in closed position. From there, dance a basic Fan. All three of these transitions takes exactly two additional measures of music.

Jonathan Atkinson
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