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Where to buy dressy stretchy pants?
Posted by hesitation
9/24/2013  1:33:00 PM
For social dancing I like dressy pants (no jeans) that are stretchy. However, they are not easy to find. I would look in men's formal pants racks and once in a while find a pair that is stretchy.

Is there an easier way, or is there some department that tend to have dressy stretchy pants?
Re: Where to buy dressy stretchy pants?
Posted by ballroomchick
9/25/2013  9:21:00 AM
If your in the U.S. I over heard some girls talking at Dallas DANCE. (Dallas DANCE is strictly a West Coast Swing Competition.) They said they found a gold mine in black stretch pants at Old Navy as well as Casual Corner. A few other said they were buying Yoga pants.
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