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Classified Ads
Posted by flyingkamakiri
1/27/2014  8:49:00 PM
Would it be possible for someone to get rid of some of these weird advertisements posted in the Ads sections. I keep seeing stuff for quick money making and pyramid schemes to ads that have NOTHING to do with dance. At least maybe a feature to Flag some users for putting this type of stuff up. Also, Is there a possibility for a search function to be added to the Ads as well? It's been like this for years and I think it needs an update. There are some Ads that have been up there for a pretty long time. How about at least a reminder email to some of the users who have Ads up. I've contacted like 3 users already and they already sold their items but kept their ads up. Can something be done about this?
Re: Classified Ads
Posted by Seraphina.13
1/28/2014  6:28:00 AM
Here, here .... I second the motion! Many times I've found myself wading through pages and pages of no longer relevant ads, wishing there was a page-select feature. Another helpful feature would be to have the posting date indicated.
Re: Classified Ads
Posted by ballroomchick
1/28/2014  10:50:00 AM
Oh I totally agree with this. There are so many pages and much of it is garbage advertisements. I would so like to be able to search for dresses by size.
Re: Classified Ads
Posted by flyingkamakiri
1/29/2014  4:13:00 PM
How would you sort them? What kind of size? Like S/M/L or like inches or centimeters?
Re: Classified Ads
Posted by flyingkamakiri
1/28/2014  9:23:00 PM
I really like the posting date idea! I think that would be incredibly helpful. The same problem lies in searching for anything in terms of classifieds actually. No sorting functions whatsoever. The date thing would really help the partner ads too.
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