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Posted by BallroomBrianne
3/22/2014  2:38:00 AM
When I wear my ballroom heels, I usually go off balance when I dance and it feels awkward when I try to stay on my feet. The shoe is a skinny 2 1/2 inch heel of which I've used for two years. I hear that other people have that same problem when on a skinny heel so they switched to a fat heel. I've been using my fat heel for a year, but I can't stay in them forever. My instructor says that I'll have to switch into skinny 2 1/2 inch heels for when I compete in international latin. I plan on getting a new skinny heeled shoe that's flexible but I want to work on my balance before I purchase. Any tips on how to have better balance when ballroom dancing?
Re: Balance
Posted by O.K.
3/28/2014  9:21:00 PM
For a start you might check that you are dancing from foot to foot and not with your weight on neither one foot or the other( but stuck in-between ). Practice Rumba Walks to music on your own using the correct technique is vital. Examples of this can easily be found on the inter- net. How long do we need to practice Rumba Walks. To quote former World Champion Karen Hardy. Fore ever. Also have your posture checked by somebody who does know what posture is. Example stretch your upper body up, and your lower body down creating a longer spine. Do not sink into your haunches
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