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fishnet Pantyhose
4/29/2014  3:49:00 AM
Does anyone know where I can buy footed fishnet pantyhose size 4x?
Re: fishnet Pantyhose
Posted by ballroomchick
4/29/2014  11:04:00 AM
I personally don't care for the regular, thick, course, dance fishnet pantyhose. It's a lot like having a steel wool rubbing between your legs, for those of us who have a heavier set.

I have been using fishet pantyhose from Nordstroms. They are much softer and thinner material. Your toes will not slip through the "netting." They do not have a solid foot, but I have found I can still compete all day long in them with out my feet burning from the netting. They go up to an American size 14, but I was still able to get them on comfortably when I was a size 18. They come in taupe and black. The taupe works well if you have a dark spray tan.

Re: fishnet Pantyhose
Posted by twiggiebug
5/7/2014  7:08:00 PM
danceshopper.com has a variety of footed fishnet tights as well.
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