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A vibrating wearable to give you the tempo ?!
Posted by gillestoussaint
8/11/2014  8:13:00 AM

Have you or your students ever experienced a rhythm problem ?

We want to help you fix this with.

We are developing a new product: a new vibrating wearable metronome, called "feelthebeat", which gives you the tempo and sync to the beat, for you alone or synchronised for an entire group of dancers.

We try to know which categories of musicians or dancers would be interested about the product, so your opinion really matters.

Could you tell us what you think of it please ?
Here under you will find a link with the info for the respective categories and a questionnaire with ONLY 5 QUESTIONS:
For dancers: http://www.vibrating-metronome.com/dancers
For cheerleaders: http://www.vibrating-metronome.com/groups

Don't be afraid to be honnest and tell what you really think: black or white, both feedbacks are important to us.

If you have questions, Id be happy to answer them here.

If you want to have news on our project or want to try the prototype if you are in Berlin, please leave your email in the questionnaire.

And finally, if you have musican or dancer friends in your network, feel free to share this and ask their feedback (by inviting them to this conversation, publishing this message on your wall or sending it to them). It would be awesome

A huge thank you.

Gilles Toussaint

Re: A vibrating wearable to give you the tempo ?!
Posted by germandanceteacher
9/21/2014  3:44:00 AM
Oh, you are a little bit late - it already exists: named EARS, published by God (or the evolution).
Re: A vibrating wearable to give you the tempo ?!
Posted by tony080658
9/26/2014  12:59:00 AM
so conseated.
what about all those people that love to dance but have extreme difficulty in listining to the beat /tempo, or is dancing only for the select few.
i think this developement would be great.
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