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height problems
Posted by BHernandez4166
8/30/2014  9:26:00 AM
So I have wanted to learn how to dance for the longest time. I have never tried, however. My height is what hindered me. I am 5'2" and male. I was always concerned that my lack of size would decrease my ability to preform with someone taller. Is this in fact the case, or would I be OK?

Thank you.
Re: height problems
Posted by Smooth-dancer
8/31/2014  8:54:00 PM
I dance with a number of men who are shorter than me, and it doesn't hinder them. They have great movement and speed! You should try it!
Re: height problems
Posted by impactcent70
9/3/2014  4:16:00 AM
Height does not matter. Always talent matters. I hope you are a best dancer
Re: height problems
Posted by ballroomchick
9/3/2014  10:12:00 AM
Learn to dance and have FUN!
So at a social dance you end up getting paired with a 5' 9" girl for 1 dance, go with the flow. So you wont be able to dance smooth or American tango in closed position, who cares? Dance socially (where there is no body contact between the 2 of you) and navigate her at angles around the floor so you can see whos behind her to protect her back. Remember, its only a 2 or 3 min song.

Im 6' 1" in heels. Ive danced with much shorter guys MANY, MANY times. The only thing that WILL bug a girl is when you dont get your arm up high enough to clear her head on turns. If the height difference is really all that great, nothing wrong with doing free spins.

There is a way to work every situation. Height should NOT be a deterrent to learning to dance.
Re: height problems
Posted by Guest
10/12/2015  7:32:00 PM
difference in height is a problem if dancing in a competition. Visually it doesn`t present a good picture. Socially who cares.
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