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NDCA registration
Posted by ladancer
7/14/2002  11:09:00 PM
Anyone else concerned about the NDCA power grab requiring all amateur dancers to register and pay annual dues to compete in any NDCA comps?
NDCA Registration
Posted by aryder
7/15/2002  8:34:00 PM
My immediate reaction was of concern. But then I asked my instructor. He pointed out that only couples competing as amateurs have to register. Pro-Am couples are covered by the pro's registration. (Assuming he has one.) Of course, this doesn't help you if you're an amateur couple! Good luck.
[Turns out, the comp I was interested in--Empire State Dancesport--is running my events on Thursday and Friday, so I won't be able to compete. Sometimes it's easier to stick to one day comps! Hope to attend Saturday nite as a spectator though!] 1a2
Re: NDCA Registration
Posted by Anonymous
12/3/2008  2:49:00 PM
Lets hear more coments on this one. And let us not forget that these people making the rules do come up for election.
Re: NDCA registration
Posted by Dana
12/3/2008  1:12:00 PM
NDCA is out for money!
Re: NDCA registration
Posted by steveontheloose
12/3/2008  8:10:00 PM
when did they change it? reason i ask is last year for indiana challenge they accepted my usadance standing instead of having to re-register, just want to make sure i am still covered
How were you competing?
Posted by jofjonesboro
12/4/2008  5:54:00 AM
If you were the amateur half of a pro/am couple then the NDCA does not require you to be an NDCA member.

Re: How were you competing?
Posted by Clary
12/4/2008  11:29:00 AM
Just a point of clarification - individual people are not members of the NDCA. The members of the NDCA are other organzations.

The NDCA rules require certain individuals to register with the NDCA, but that does not make them members. I guess it makes them "registrants."
Yes, you are correct.
Posted by jofjonesboro
12/4/2008  12:06:00 PM
Their rulebook does use the term "registrants."

I still don't like them.

Re: How were you competing?
Posted by steveontheloose
12/4/2008  11:50:00 AM
we where an amateur couple did we just get lucky?
Hmm. You must have been.
Posted by jofjonesboro
12/4/2008  12:16:00 PM
I'm not familiar with their operations so I don't know what verification processes are used at NDCA-sanctioned events. It definitely sounds as though someone missed something in your case.

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