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Rumba & Swing mp3s
Posted by Yakari
8/9/1999  6:23:00 AM
Might be offtopic, but i am in search of rumba and swing mp3s to practice the latest steps i learn. I have searched the net for a while, but could not find some simple mp3 music. I would be glad if you can inform me where and how to find out that kind, Thanks
re: Rumba & Swing mp3s
Posted by Yakari
8/9/1999  6:25:00 AM
Thank you for recommendations Andrey and Webmaster... yes, it is not legal to use mp3s, but these can be distributed and downloaded to just try out for one day maximum . So, as my dance teacher gave me the address; also the site www.audiogalaxy.com might be useful... Cheers
re: Rumba & Swing mp3s
Posted by Administrator
8/9/1999  6:24:00 AM
As a responsible webmaster, I cannot recommend any websites that distribute illegal mp3 songs. However, I did find lots of cool stuff on mp3.com, particularly in the Swing department. (Mp3.com is a website which promoted up-and-coming artists by distibuting free mp3 music, which is all completely legal). Search hard enough, and you'll also find some Foxtrots, Rumbas, Salsas, Merengues, and Argentine Tangos.

Of course, the best solution is still to stick to the old fashioned way of getting your hands on some ballroom music... buy a CD. (c:

Jonathan Atkinson, Administrator

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