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Hustle Moves
Posted by Philbass
6/19/2001  12:17:00 PM
This is a Hustle move I've always loved, takes a bit of practice but it looks so cool:

Two Hand Continuous Turn (or Touch and Go):

On the "touch and go" the leader holds the girl's right hand with his right and the girls' left with his left. Right hands are placed over left hands.This is the initial position. After that, the leader turns the girl clockwise by lifting both hands. When girl has turned half way, the left hand is released to allow her to go all the way around. When girl has turned a full 360, the left hands touch momentarily as though to give her momentum for the next turn. Thus "touch and go". On the last turn the left hands reconnect at the end. Final position -> left hands over right hands.

Anyone else havea favorite move you'd like to share?

Re: Hustle Moves
Posted by Mark
12/14/2004  3:37:00 PM
Hello, I came 3 days earlier than schedule to visit my brother in Fremont CA; in the mean time he is working for the next 3 days. I want to know where is a place to learn or to dance for the next 3 days?
Re: Hustle Moves
Posted by Carl
7/8/2008  3:42:00 AM
That does sound like a cool move.
Q: On the 'next turn, is she continuing to turn clockwise or is she reversing in a counter-clockwise turn?

Warner Robins, GA
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