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Re: Full Screen
Posted by Administrator
10/20/2016  10:36:00 AM
Hi Hlkoll,

The full screen option is supposed work on all computers and browsers, as well as basic member accounts and even for non-members. However, things don't always work the way they're supposed to. Let us know what operating system and browser you're using to view the website, and I'll try to emulate it to see if there's a problem I can fix with that particular combination.

On your end, you can also try switching browsers (for example if you're using Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome instead).

Additionally, you can also try visiting our new website. It's a complete re-design from the ground up, and will eventually replace the current BallroomDancers.com, but for the time being, you can reach it by visiting http://new.ballroomdancers.com/.

The New BallroomDancers.com has been in the works for a couple of years now, and is almost fully functional. Once it is is functioning from top to bottom, we will release it to the public and put it in place of the current website. I'm just finishing up the messaging functionality (so don't try to post any messages, and don't be surprised if Dancetalk links are broken), but once that's done, we'll be ready to go. I estimate being live before the end of this year. But don't be afraid to use it now, especially for viewing videos.

Jonathan Atkinson
Full Screen
Posted by hlkoll
10/19/2016  3:16:00 PM
Why does't the full screen option work when viewing a video. I am a Basic member. Does that have anything to do with it? Also is it possible to download the vidios to my computer?
Re: Latin competition clothes for bigger men
Posted by Saracat2012
10/19/2016  7:47:00 AM
Thanks for the link. It is definitely something I'll look into!
Re: Latin competition clothes for bigger men
Posted by dancing girl
10/17/2016  3:43:00 PM
I would suggest going over to eBay and typing in Men's Latin Pants. Roll down to Latino and click on one of their many listings.
Here's an example http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-LATIN-SALSA-BALLROOM-COMPETITION-PANT-DP4-/321034992604?hash=item4abf2d3bdc:g:vW8AAOSwg3FUe8PQ

- might not be the style your looking for so if you look to the box on the right you will see Visit My Store. Click that and you will see all their listings. Pick what you like and Bid or Buy Now. YOu can have them custom made. You can make alterations to the design/style/color of material. I LIKE this group! They are out of France, but the clothing is made in China. I like them because communication is WAY easier!! You can ask more than 1 question at a time and get them all answered. When you deal with many of the China companies they only answer the top question.

Hope this helps!
Re: Quick Open Reverse
Posted by Waltz123
10/17/2016  3:03:00 AM
No, there is no name for this step because technically it's part of the preceding figure, i.e. the Progressive Chasse.

If you look closely at either the ISTD chart or the man's and lady's breakdowns for Progressive Chasse on this website, you'll notice that it actually ends with the man forward on his right foot (lady back on her left) outside partner. This is a very interesting type of step that we refer to as an "overlap", which is a step that is thought of as both the last step of the preceding figure and the first step of the following figure.

Overlap steps are a quirk of the International (and sometimes American) ballroom syllabi, a concept originally introduced by the legendary Alex Moore. His thinking was that ballroom figures should not end abruptly, in particular as you lower into your down swing, and so he often added one more step, encouraging those demonstrating individual figures to follow through slightly into the first step of the next figure.

This concept, however, can be very confusing to someone reading the charts without first being given an explanation. To make this more clear, in our own charts, we always indicate overlap steps in the step descriptions with the phrase, "... as first step of following figure".

There are a few notable figures in the International syllabus where the final step can be taken either way. Depending on context, a final step of a figure can be taken as an overlap step, or it can be a completely self-contained step. Such is the case with the Progressive Chasse. Most of the time, that final step is considered an overlap, and you follow the figure with any other figure beginning with the man's right foot forward, such as a Natural Turn or Forward Lock. But in the case of the Progressive Chasse ended with man moving toward diagonal center, he must follow with a reverse figure such as Quick Open Reverse, Chasse Reverse Turn or Progressive Chasse to Right. In that case, the RF forward outside partner is simply thought of as the last step of the Progressive Chasse, which does not overlap with the following figure.

Jonathan Atkinson
Latin competition clothes for bigger men
Posted by Saracat2012
10/17/2016  1:55:00 AM
Hello all, this is my first post, so bear with me if it's already been answered.

My wife and I have been taking lessons for a couple of years and just competed in our third competition (3rd place in bronze level). I've been making do with suit pants and dress shirts, but would like to upgrade to some actual dancewear for the future. My problem is I'm a bigger guy and every place I can find online stops with waist and chest sizes at least 6 inches smaller than I need.

My question is this: are there any websites that cater to male dancers of the larger persuasion? Or, am I better off trying to find someone in my (very) rural area to custom make what I need?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Twinkles to PP & CPP
Posted by jannie
10/16/2016  7:23:00 AM
Does anyone have some teaching or learning steps for these twinkles in to promenade position. We have a step at my dance school called Passing Twinkle where we open out in to promenade in one direction, then back twinkle and open out in the other direction. Similar to this figure. I have problems with balance on the turn - big problems actually and I find the figure very hard and frustrating because of this. I would love some advice !!
Re: Not in Atlanta
Posted by ballroomchick
10/14/2016  11:11:00 AM
This board is seen internationally. What maybe "normal" in Europe is not every where else. It's pretty rare to see a female instructor dancing with a female child in the U.S. I've not seen Sequence dance heats offered at any of the comps I've looked into attending. Maybe they have them, I've never seen them.
Angels of Dance-Dancing for the Cure-Dallas,TX
Posted by ballroomchick
10/13/2016  12:25:00 PM
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Be sure to attend the performance:
Sunday October 23, 2016, Curtain goes up at 530pm!

Angels of Dance, Inc., a non-profit organization, is putting on another performance to raise money to help men & women who can not afford breast cancer treatment or preventative measures such as mammograms.

Our purpose is to leverage the talent and generosity of the Professional and Amateur dancers of the ballroom dancing community, and dancers from other disciplines to raise these funds. We are a totally volunteer organization, with no paid staff. Our shows are similar to Burn the Floor or Dancing With the Stars.

Tickets are $30 per seat, you can purchase them through our web site. http://www.angelsofdance.net

Click on Buy Tickets HERE - box on the right of the page

Click the Orange box Buy Tickets Here on the right of the page

A photo of the seating comes up - click on that to see the seats available

See you there!
Re: yet another wedding dance question
Posted by ballroombasics
10/13/2016  8:00:00 AM
This song can be a real challenge since it does not have any clear definable rhythm or tempo like a Waltz, Foxtrot or Viennese waltz.

It is open to interpretation and creative expression.
yet another wedding dance question
Posted by FlorinaL
10/11/2016  12:52:00 PM
Hi everyone!
We chose Yiruma's "River flows in you"(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7maJOI3QMu0) as the first song at our wedding. What type of dance would you say it fits best?
For people with basic knowledge and dancing skills in general..but that have a whole year to practice.
Thanks in advance!

Cruise Ships offer Ballroom Dance Opportunities
Posted by Mary Diddle
10/10/2016  11:08:00 AM

Sixth Star Inc. is the leading provider of Ballroom Dance Instructors for our cruise line clients. Our web site is www.sixthstar.com If you and your partner are interested in finding out more about how you can dance your way to a great cruise deal and vacation, please contact Carol@sixthstar.com.
Kind Regards,
Mary Diddle
Manager of Outreach
Sixth Star Inc.
Re: Not in Atlanta
Posted by Janet
10/10/2016  2:43:00 AM
why? I have one Associate Classical Sequence hopefully qualifying next month (she's 40)
and we have just taken our school examination and had children as young a 5 doing Classical Sequence. In our next of the woods Northwest England Classical Sequence is thriving, I spent yesterday with around 200 hundred people at the 64th Sequence gala in Southport and will be at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool on Friday where you will regularly find over 200 people dancing Classical Sequence and I do mean Classical Sequence not modern or latin Sequence
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks - no not really
Posted by MidniteDancer
10/6/2016  3:14:00 PM
AM has good points and bad points. Some of the criticisms have been "explained away" but such explanations were based on faulty assumptions. I have been dancing now for more than 10 years, and my first year was with AM.

First, they do have a lot of inexperienced instructors. 6 weeks or even 3 months is not even close to being sufficient experience to teach several dances. It is important not only to be able to know the basics of the steps you are teaching a beginning student, but you must also be showing by example the technique that will be needed to dance properly at a more advanced level. Also, you NEED an understanding of the more advanced level to understand the intent and direction of that underlying foundation.

That said, AM also has very good and experienced instructors.

It has been said that Am "holds you back" from advancing. The argument against this is that you must first learn the fundamentals before you are ready to learn more. While the latter is true, that does not mean the former does not also occur. Some students are simply faster than others. I am fortunate that I have always been a fast student. I was frequently stymied in my learning during that first year, not because I was missing knowledge, but because the instructor was not yet allowed to teach me something. Or, couldn't teach it because she hadn't learned it yet herself. Looking at who was "advanced" to the next level and who was not, advancement seemed to be much more about how long you had been taking lessons and how much you had spent rather than about what skill you had developed.

It has been said that AM is very expensive. That is relative. If you are able to attend a lot of group classes every week, which are typically free as long as you are taking private lessons, the cost then becomes comparable to what you would pay for the same number of privates and group lessons at an independent studio. If you are not able to attend many group classes, then AM is more expensive. So it really depends ion your availability to take full advantage of what is there.

During that first year, each week I took 1 private lesson and typically attended about 5 group classes and a couple short parties. Could I have saved money by doing that at a private studio? Probably, but not much. But the bottom line is that it is questionable as to whether I would have learned as much at a private studio. That may seem paradoxical since I said they also held me back a little. But AM is very syllabus driven (and they have a good syllabus). That means that students actually get through the syllabus. Getting through the syllabus is more restrictive in some ways, but more thorough in others. Do I think that someone on Bronze II should be refused instruction for a figure in Bronze III or IV if they are excited to learn it? No. Do I think they should have a strong foundation in Bronze to learn a Silver figure? Yes. But then I also think the instructor should have a solid foundation in Silver to teach Bronze.

I also think that AM instructors should be a little less flirty inside the studio, and a little more friendly outside the studio. (The non-fraternization outside the studio clause is ridiculous for those who can be professional adults.)

All in all, the good with the bad, I really can't complain that my AM experience didn't give me what I needed. I am a perfectionist and I drive myself hard, and in the end that didn't fit with the culture and I moved on.

Anywhere you go, you will find good people and bad people. In any work place you will find competence and incompetence, professionalism and unprofessionalism. Welcome to planet Earth.

Meanwhile, find the studio and instructor that fits best with you and your needs, and keep dancing... lead/follow with your frame, practice your technique, and have fun!
Re: Hand Push Basic
Posted by Waltz123
10/6/2016  3:19:00 AM
We'll add that to our list of aliases. Thanks!
Re: choosing the right dance steps for a song
Posted by ladydance
10/5/2016  1:34:00 PM
One other thing, as a manager of a dance studio, I see this request all the time. One thing I can say with certainty, is that your son doesn't want to dance with you. Sons never do, they are nervous enough to dance with their fiancee and the added pressure and embarassment of dancing with Mom is more than they can handle. So they agree two weeks before the wedding and then make excuses why they can't show up to the lesson until it's too late. I've seen Moms reschedule over and over again and I just want to tell them to let the poor kid off the hook.
Re: choosing the right dance steps for a song
Posted by nloftofan1
10/4/2016  1:03:00 PM
You can learn to dance in two weeks--if you do what the celebrities on "Dancing With the Stars" do. Are you willing to work with a pro for a minimum of six hours a day, seven days a week? And can your budget for the wedding handle that?
Re: choosing the right dance steps for a song
Posted by socialdancer
10/4/2016  3:25:00 AM
You do indeed have a very short time to practice, but it is too late now to tell you that you should have started planning the dance when they started planning the wedding.

I suggest looking at some basic salsa/mambo steps, danced slowly.
Basics kept small and on the spot during the quiet periods of the song, then burst into breaks, turns, spins, whatever you fancy during the chorus.

Just try to relax, ignore everyone else, and go with the music. Remember to smile!

Good luck!
Re: choosing the right dance steps for a song
Posted by ladydance
10/3/2016  4:47:00 PM
First, you can't learn to dance in two weeks. Second, you have chosen a song that you can't dance to. I'd pass on the mother/son dance and just enjoy the wedding.
Hand Push Basic
Posted by Plogut
10/3/2016  6:14:00 AM
I usually call is as "Dile que no"
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