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Rudolf Ronde
Posted by jannie
5/28/2016  2:47:00 AM
Could someone please break down and describe the ladys steps ? I really want to learn the step but will find it easier if it is explained verbally as well...
Re: Need a female practice partner - Kitsap County
Posted by LexiB7
5/27/2016  2:48:00 PM
Hi! What styles are you wanting to practice and practice teaching? I am looking for a practice/teaching partner, I'm located in Olympia for now but am willing to travel and meet up to practice :)
Searching for a lead/partner near or in Olympia WA
Posted by LexiB7
5/27/2016  2:46:00 PM
I am in search of a partner who shares interest in the same dance styles as I focus on (Blues, Micro, Fusion, WCS)and would like to continue to learn, teach, and hopefully compete soon! Just a few hours a week would even be great. I don`t have a preference on whether my partner is male or female but I am a follow so as long as you can lead, we`ll work. I also am mobile and can travel to practice. I just need someone who wants to practice and who's passion for dance is as great as mine!
Bolero Variation 1
Posted by jannie
5/26/2016  1:37:00 PM
Would someone be able to just list the steps so I can learn step by step ??
Re: American Style Music
Posted by terence2
5/25/2016  11:36:00 PM
Thanks for your effort.. I have loads of 50/60s Sinatra, Dean Martin etc. I'm looking for albums ( like the ones that AM produced but up to date ). There was a compsny in Virginia I used, many years ago ,but doubt they are still around.

For the latin side. I have literally 100s of Rumbas and Chas, Samba etc, but all are authentic indigenous style. I do NOT use pop songs for teaching ! ( or DJing socials )
Re: American Style Music
Posted by nloftofan1
5/25/2016  2:31:00 PM
Not sure what you already have, but here are a few suggestions. None are very new--but maybe new to you.
Foxtrot: Harry Connick, Jr., "A Wink and a Smile"
Waltz: Andy Williams, "Charade"
Rumba: Michael Buble, "The Way You Look Tonight"--different rhythm from the Sinatra version, which is a great Foxtrot
Chicken Walks
Posted by mcgrant
5/25/2016  1:01:00 AM
quite difficult for me as a new ballroom dancer
American Style Music
Posted by terence2
5/24/2016  12:40:00 AM
I`m attempting to update my American style music library. Need suggestions for Amer. style FT.. W.. T..

Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by ballroomchick
5/23/2016  12:32:00 PM
@ saracheah

I have a few Latin and Standard dresses that fit American size 0.

I also have some NDCA approved youth dresses.

I only do shipping within the U.S.

If interested email me....

I'll leave this address up for a few days.

Took the address down. Let me know if anyone else need it.
Need a female practice partner - Kitsap County, WA
Posted by otakudance
5/21/2016  12:12:00 PM
I've been out of the game for the last couple of years but want to get back into the swing of things. I need a female practice partner in the Port Orchard/Bremerton area that I can meet with once or twice a week to practice my steps and teaching techniques with. I'm trained in American ballroom, latin and salsa.
Re: Worst part of dance?
Posted by jocelyne
5/21/2016  6:41:00 AM
That's something I would have said too. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I get frustrated very easily.
User name
Posted by jocelyne
5/20/2016  10:04:00 AM
Is there a way to change my username?
Re: jon canning
Posted by socialdancer
5/20/2016  9:54:00 AM
Jon used to produce and sell his own CDs and I believe he has sold all the copies he had of this album.

His old web page no longer exists. I believe he is working on a new one but it does not seem to be working yet.

AFAIK he will not be producing any new CDs but will hopefully be offering downloads.

Best bet is to contact him via facebook,

Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Karen
5/19/2016  8:49:00 AM

My scenario is almost exactly yours. I had a bilateral MTP fusion on 1/20/2016. I did both at the same time which I do not regret. Recently I have had some pain in the joint above the fusion and I was wondering what sandals people find comfortable. I am not concerned with heels. I have not worn heels for years. Any shoe or sandal suggestions would be appreciated.

Also stay Positive EVERYONE!!!

Hesitation Change
Posted by Dancingfunhappyfeet
5/18/2016  11:29:00 PM

I am wondering if it is possible to dance "reverse turn with hesitation"
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by saracheah
5/18/2016  7:35:00 PM

Hello! Do you happen to have any junior or youth ballroom gowns? Also, will you be making a facebook page with the costumes on sale?
Re: Worst part of dance?
Posted by TundraDancingGal
5/17/2016  4:11:00 PM
Feeling like everyone but you understands a new figure and that somehow the instructor just started speaking a foreign language. Then you bite your lip, fight back the tears and remember eventually it will make sense, and just keep trying.
Re: Timing of turns
Posted by Waltz123
5/17/2016  10:17:00 AM
Hi Larry,

We will definitely need some clarification on what kinds of turns you're thinking of, since there are so many possibilities, and the technique can vary so much from one turn to the next.

There are the basic turns in the smooth and standard dances that you take in closed position (e.g. Left Box / Reverse Turn in Waltz), various underarm turns of free spins in Swing, Lindy and Jive (e.g Underarm Turn to Left, American Spin), Spot Turns, Switch Turns and Walkaround Turns in the Latin dances, and even generic 3-step turns, twist turns, chaine turns, etc that can apply to any dance, just to name a few.

Give us some context and we'll try to help you with some information and exercises.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Timing of turns
Posted by linorosano
5/17/2016  7:56:00 AM
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Posted by ciandgn
5/17/2016  4:09:00 AM

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