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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by ballroomchick
8/25/2016  11:02:00 AM

One day you might want to decide if the money you are paying to be dragged around the floor and being confused is worth it.

YOU are the customer - if you don't feel that you are getting your money's worth take your check book and go to someone else.

Would you feel the same way if you were shopping for a dress and it didn't fit you right. Would you still buy it because you were told to Tough It, You Had To?

You don't have to keep drinking the kool-aid. You can decide to find an instructor who will work with you. They ARE out there, you can find a good fit if you just look and try them out.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by swing2016
8/24/2016  1:53:00 PM
I know that it's been a while but I have to say that in the almost 2 years I've been at FADS, I've seen what you're talking about. Where I am, each student is put with 2 teachers. The one I've been having the majority of my lessons with confuses me during most of my lessons and I've brought it up to the director of the studio and I was basically told "Tough, you have to dance with him anyway". One time, when I was dancing with this teacher, I asked him to slow down because I was trying to figure out what he was leading me into and he said "Don't worry about what I'm trying to get you to do and just have fun". I'm trying to learn from this guy and it's an uphill battle. The only reason I'm not trying another place is that I have too much respect for my other teacher (the one who is actually responsible for my program and who I rarely get time with anymore)
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by nloftofan1
8/24/2016  11:45:00 AM
The same is true for dance videos--almost. It's difficult to learn from a video--it can't tell you "You're doing ___ wrong. Do it this way instead." The greatest advantage of a video is that you can see a figure danced correctly 100 (or 1000) times in a row.
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by Guest.
8/23/2016  4:35:00 PM
It is worth mentioning that Technique books are only good as a reference to something your teacher has taught you.
It is not possible to learn how to move and consequently dance by reading from a book. For instance the use of C.B.M or C.B.M.P or N.F.R ( no foot rise ). And then there is creating shapes .And list goes on.
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by ballroomchick
8/23/2016  10:56:00 AM

Where are you located? I have LOTS of American size 0 - 2- 4 Latin dresses and a few Smooth / Standard as well.
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by nloftofan1
8/23/2016  10:01:00 AM
Guy Howard's book, often regarded as the "Bible" of ballroom dancing, was first published in 1976. There have been a number of revisions. I recommend you get the latest edition.
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by socialdancer
8/23/2016  5:28:00 AM
For ballroom/standard the NATD have recently published their own technique book which will be the reference for their exams. There were a lot of errors in it when first published but 'most' of these have now been corrected. It is in loose leaf form so hopefully they will supply you with the latest corrected version.

Their technique is now based on that given in "Technique of Ballroom Dancing" by Guy Howard. I would recommend you also obtain a copy of this book.

The NATD are also developing their own Latin technique. I believe this is due for publication next year but they can no doubt give you more details.
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by terence2
8/22/2016  11:53:00 PM

Revised techn. for Standard, and latin, I suggest you enquire with NATD for their opinion( several from which to choose )
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by Steph777
8/22/2016  7:12:00 PM
I've been reading "Teach like a pro" by Diane Jarmalow! It's great ! And I also recommend downloading the DVIDA app
Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by Chimerka
8/22/2016  7:02:00 PM
Hi, I am taking private lessons and going to do medals plus exam for teaching. Which books would you recommend to buy and read? I think I'll take exams in natd in UK. I don't want to do mistake and buy few books and then find out they are pretty similar.. As I am buying online. Thank you.
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by MrsPlud
8/21/2016  11:47:00 AM
Hi there. I just joined to reply to this thread. Parent of a teen ballroom dancer, looking to shop for competition dresses.
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by Anne
8/20/2016  8:21:00 AM
Question for you...did you have initial trouble getting your hip to relax and drop down for use with Latin motion...? If you stand on your operative leg, could you relax the non-surgical hip down relaxed with the operative bearing weight with knee locked?

I am having issues so I wanted to ask...thank-you...
Re: male vs. female height
Posted by Tree
8/18/2016  11:09:00 AM
What if u r 177cm tall...and your a girl 😅
post pictures
Posted by luckymom
8/14/2016  6:26:00 PM
Please, help me with upload picture to my add
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by terence2
8/13/2016  11:15:00 PM

You have written as though "they" were interested in Comp. work ( No CM etc ).

From a teaching perspective, altho we know its value, CM is NOT top priority when I teach my class/private lessons to beginners.

In matter of fact, the priority needs to be developing Lead/Follow and floor craft ,And the ability to get around a dance floor , in a social event

The majority of beginner students , do not give a pigs ear, about in depth techn.( and in many cases, not any !)

Here's a few words of wisdom from the late A. Moore.. para phrased " After teaching for 1 year, I began to realise that, not Everyone, wanted to be a medalist " ...
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by nanig117
8/11/2016  8:50:00 AM
5678 AMEN AM AMEM AMEM OH AM ANEM AM is a rip off!!
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by nanigoat1
8/11/2016  8:21:00 AM
Soo agree with the message alot of you are portraying about AM. The franchise in Aquebogue NY is the so phony!!
How does Computer TEchnology relate to Ballet
Posted by TrumpetsGo
8/9/2016  6:33:00 AM
Hey Guys :)
Just wanna ask something for this , cause Im an IT student causing that Computer is demand right now so instead of dancing classes this course I got. And Im studying here(https://www.facebook.com/RRLSICTAcademyOfficial) this link if you want to see. But when I finished my study I want my daughter to learn ballet cause I really love ballet :)
hope you can relate with me guys :)
Re: Do you love to dance? Practice Ballroom with M
Posted by shaz_nice
8/8/2016  1:26:00 PM
I am an easy going , fun loving, kind ,open minded, honest, down to earth , loving , healthy and caring guy . i love dancing, enjoy chilling out, travailing and listening to music. I look very young compared to my age. I admit the fault if i am wrong. I have a balance life and am not an extreme seeker. I am settled in the UK.
Re: Do you love to dance? Practice Ballroom with M
Posted by waterdeer1
8/7/2016  9:19:00 AM
In what area are you located ?
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