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Re: cha cha confusion
Posted by terence2
9/3/2015  6:01:00 AM

Intern. style Rumba can prep. on 1 (R foot ) and then breaks forward on 2 .

The ways of commencing specific dances, are often rooted in precedent, and again, changed to suit circumstance. There is a good argument, in each case .
B/room simplified pretty much all, by commencing Forward .
9/5 & 9/6: Bushwick A/V Afterhrs + 9/7 Bonus After
Posted by REDness
9/2/2015  1:45:00 PM
Be sure to scroll down for info about Saturday & Sunday & Labor Day after hours!

They are in different locations!

Saturday Morning, September 5th , STARTING at 4am-4pm


Bushwick A/V continues our rooftop summer series featuring our city's finest sonic seekers and lovers meshing in beautiful broad daylight. Boozy and succulent BBQ keep you going all morning into afternoon on an immaculately decorated rooftop in Brooklyn. Join us and let's unleash all of our passions together.

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See you on the dance floor!

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Sunday Morning, September 6th , STARTING at 3am-2pm


We continue our after hours series Sunday in our dope warehouse loft for an epic romp all morning. Expect impeccable sound, inexpensive drinks, a beautiful, freedom-loving crowd, a pillowed side-lounge, early morning munchies and of course, some of the most serious selectors throwing down all day!

Presale tix: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?745836

You MUST RSVP to somewhereinbushwick@gmail.com for location & details

DJ Lineup:
Connie Yin aka Constar (ReSolute) Birthday Set!Loren (TV Bar - Detroit)KIKE MAYOR (Saint & don't, Tzinah Records)Brion Vytlacil (BLAQ HAUS)Myroslaw Bytz (Bushwick A/V, Secret Guests)

See you on the dance floor!

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Monday Morning, September 7th , STARTING at 4am-4pm


Bushwick A/V presents the Labor Day weekend afterparty featuring our city's fnest sonic seekers and lovers meshing in beautiful broad daylight. Henessy Coladas, and succulent BBQ keep you going all morning into afternoon on an immaculately decorated rooftop in Brooklyn. Join us and let's unleash all of our passions together.

You MUST RSVP to somewhereinbushwick@gmail.com for location & details

See you on the dance floor!

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9/25:PARTY LINE Loft Party+Aftrhr w/Tony Humphries
Posted by REDness
9/2/2015  10:00:00 AM
Friday, September 25th , 10pm-10am (YES 10am!!!)

Party Line presents PARTY LINE w/special guest DJ Tony Humphries

For this edition we are honored to welcome dance music pioneer Tony Humphries! Tony is responsible for pushing the craft to new heights. As the primary resident of legendary New Jersey club Zanzibar Tony helped break the New Jersey Sound: a soulful, gospel tinged, swingin' take on house music that later became known as Garage.

After 35 years in the game he is as relevant as ever, delivering heavy hitting eclectic dance floor sets that are contemporary, yet deeply rooted in that NJ sound!

We can't wait to see what he does with an extended set at a raw Brooklyn Loft!

Presale tix: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?744604

THIS IS A PRIVATE LOFT PARTY therefore YOU MUST RSVP to thePartyLineInfo@gmail.com for location & details.

DJ Lineup:
DJ Tony Humphries (Tony Records)
Ben Manzone (Party Line)
BLT (Party Line)
Brennan Green (Chinatown Records)


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Re: Question on Terminology
Posted by TundraDancingGal
9/2/2015  9:23:00 AM
I'm with Swamp. That's similar to our experience here in WI. I know there are some venues where the VERY good dancers go. Maybe I'll stop in some time, but I want to enjoy dancing, not feel intimidated. I'm happy to be in the middle of the pack. With a good lead I can look down right awesome, with someone my own level, it's acceptable. But EVERY time I dance with someone, I learn something-even if it's compassion and respect for someone willing to dance no matter what others think of them.
Re: A Perfect Dance
Posted by TundraDancingGal
9/2/2015  9:18:00 AM
It's good to know I'm not the only one who can't help singing along! Those classic fox trots are just infectious, aren't they?
Re: Morton's Neuroma--pain base of outer toes
Posted by TundraDancingGal
9/2/2015  9:15:00 AM
Dancelady, I'm glad to hear you had success. I just spent an hour looking online for shoes and am working with a local supplier. The good news is I finally found my regular "pretty shoes" in a much lower heel. I'm using a 2.5 and I found it in a 1.3 Cuban or 1.5 medium heel. I used gel soles yesterday in an older pair of stretched out shoes and that really helped. I hope I'm years away from needing custom-made orthotics. I've worked in the medical field for 30 years so that helped me recognize this quickly. I would really love to go with the Cuban heel, rather than the wider medium heel. Do you recommend the wider, medium heel for stability? I much prefer the narrower style but I'll sacrifice beauty for safety if necessary. I just wish I could find the double soled shoes in the style I want and color. I want nude/tan/copper, not black.
Re: Question on Terminology
Posted by DeepndSwamps
9/1/2015  1:51:00 PM
I seem to exist in another world.

My friends and I dance, some compete (two have competed in the Nationals and placed in their division), some compete at lesser venues, most of us have competed in more fun arenas (such as "team matches").

But, competitions are not that frequent, and we like to dance. So, we dance at street fairs, in honkytonks, at monthly ballroom events. I have even been known to do a little West Coast Swing in a coffee shop when the song was right.

I am mostly a social dancer, I don't like the competitiveness of competition.

So, I may dance with a complete 2-left-feeter or medalists. All I know is that I enjoy the dance.

Oh, to add one more note the Social Dance / Ballroom debate, where does street dancing come in? and when part of that dancing includes Zydeco or other local dances?

To paraphrase a song: "It's all about the dance, 'bout the dance. It's all about the dance".
Re: Please help identify this song
Posted by DeepndSwamps
9/1/2015  1:33:00 PM
Sorry Carrieng

I can't help.
Re: Song title
Posted by DeepndSwamps
9/1/2015  1:30:00 PM
I listened and don't recognize it.
It sounds like it might be a piano practice piece. Which may make it a little hard to locate.
Re: A Perfect Dance
Posted by DeepndSwamps
9/1/2015  1:26:00 PM
I, too, am a social dancer although I have competed.

I am sure that this sounds "sunshine and lollipops" but every dance that I do is "perfect".

No, the steps and patterns aren't. But, the dance is. When the song is right I sing as I dance (not loudly, not a good singer). When the song is right, I may add a swing turn in the corner while doing a foxtrot. When the song is right, I'll slip from Rumba, to Cha Cha and to Bolero.

My perfect dance is an expression of who I am and what I feel. Ergo, they are all perfect.
Re: Morton's Neuroma--pain base of outer toes
Posted by ladydance
9/1/2015  1:03:00 PM
I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma and was prescribed set of specially made orthotics for my shoes. They made a huge difference right away. I switched to dancing in low heeled practice shoes, most of the time. I now can wear latin shoes at social occasions with very little pain. My standard shoes have 2 inch heels and my latin shoes have 2.5 inch heels. I have still have some pain if I dance seriously longer than a hour but not much and certainly something i can deal with. Look into special orthotics made for this disorder, they are expensive but worth every penny.
Re: A Perfect Dance
Posted by TundraDancingGal
9/1/2015  12:53:00 PM
Foxstepper, it sounds like we have a lot in common-similar levels and favorite dances. Your reply was so much fun to read, I can picture the two of you dancing.
Re: Morton's Neuroma--pain base of outer toes
Posted by TundraDancingGal
9/1/2015  12:49:00 PM
Thanks for the reply NL, I'm hoping to prevent this from worsening. I believe with changing my lesson schedule and better cushioning and support I can address this. I had some minor issues years ago and stopped wearing those walking shoes. I don't have problems with my regular shoes and I think a new pair of dance shoes and gel inserts will help. For a few weeks I was dancing MUCH more than normal, had gotten a new pair of shoes which made it flare up and did a lot of walking on vacation. I hadn't realized how far this could progress, so once I got more info, it hit home and I hope these changes help. A local vendor has some shoes for me to try so maybe with a double-soled shoe and/or a jazz sneaker for some practices I'll be fine.

Glad to hear your wife's surgery went so well. My sister's didn't, which is what makes me want to get the nerves settled down ASAP.
Re: cha cha confusion
Posted by nloftofan1
9/1/2015  10:47:00 AM
What Jonathan says makes perfect sense. Sometimes it helps to put a half Basic or full Basic between figures (my regular partner says it makes things easier for her in some cases). But (using one of his examples) when you put a half Basic before a Crossover Break it's just that: a half Basic. And (as is the case in many sylabi) an underarm turn may make a nice ending after doing a few crossovers, but there are other endings.
Re: Televised Ballroom shows in the late 50's/60's
Posted by terence2
8/30/2015  11:44:00 PM

Hi Linda.. I worked in the AM studio in 1974, and there were, generally, filming of some sort going on > I worked with the org. from the late 50s, in several locations, and can assure you ,filming of Medal balls etc, were always done. How to locate them ? that's a difficult question..

Just had a thought.. Contact Pat Traymore and Frank Regan, both are still active with AM, and Pat did many of the AM B/room TV shows with Terry Leone ( with whom I worked for a short period ).
Re: cha cha confusion
Posted by terence2
8/30/2015  11:36:00 PM

There is an important reason WHY latin dances commence in a specific direction.. The genre is based upon " call and response ". This is the basis from which the original formats were based. Looking back to origins, the format was/is religious based ( Santeria ) .

In the classic form of Rumba ( NOT the BR one )the lady ( both are dancing solo ) invites the man to approach her, swirling her skirt.. hence the "call and response ".

This would dictate that, the latin dances should commence forward, but, there's another important component to recognise..and that's, the direction of the 2nd beat in the 1st bar, again, giving us direction to commence ( forward ).

All chain schools , taught most of their latin dances, commencing back . ( Square rumba being the exception, and FA side ways for Rumba ) The prep. was the intro. to the dance..

Actually, there is possibly a reason why the backwards commence came into vogue.

" Bolero ".. is the dance ( with Danzon , "that was long established, before the current formats were invented. Its pretty certain that Bolero, stepwise,did influence many of the foundation steps in Rumba and Cha cha ( along with Guajiras influences on Cha cha ).

Re: cha cha confusion
Posted by nloftofan1
8/30/2015  7:31:00 AM
I can only guess, but in dances that break on 2 (Cha-Cha, Mambo) the 1 beat is a prep step--implied in the case of Mambo. Following the "man's left foot moves first" (on 1) rule, the first break is a back rock.
Re: A Perfect Dance
Posted by foxstepper
8/29/2015  2:57:00 PM
I recently had a wonderful dance. I've been taking lessons for about 2.5 years so I'm not a beginner, neither am I high level. I adore learning picky techniques and complicated steps and I am fortunate to take private and group lessons with excellent professionals. But I like to have fun, too, and I wish my instructors could have watched this dance. My partner was an instructor from another studio but this was a social dance. We had not danced cha cha together before and had only ever danced together a few times. He invited me beyond my comfort zone and I followed almost everything well including some great spins (girls love to spin!). I never knew what would come next, there was no pattern, just pay attention to leader, use what you know, move with the music and do your best! It was like a game! I'm proud to think I could follow well enough to play a good game, and I had an absolute blast! And I think he had fun, too, and I'm grateful for his willingness to play with me!
Song title
Posted by Ewier
8/29/2015  12:52:00 PM
Hello everybody could someone help me to find the title of this song? http://www.watzatsong.com/en/profile/ewier
Re: Morton's Neuroma--pain base of outer toes
Posted by nloftofan1
8/29/2015  11:37:00 AM
Others are better qualified to recommend shoes. My purpose is to mention what you probably already know: Morton's Neuroma frequently leads to surgery. My wife (and regualar dance partner) has had surgery for Morton's Neuroma. After the surgery (a) there was no numb area of her foot, and (b) it didn't interfere with her dancing. Good luck to you.
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