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Shoe Recommendations
Posted by saracheah
5/3/2016  7:53:00 PM
Hey everybody! I started international ballroom about 2 months ago and I have done American for about 4 years. I am 15 years old and I am struggling in my 2.5 inch Capezio Stellas. I am looking for a 2 inch latin dance sandal similar to the Capezio Ashelys and or the Stellas as well as a Standard shoe. Can you give me any recommendations?

Side Note: Which brand is better for latin shoes? Bloch or Capezio?
and are Alma Danza, Flamingo and DSOL good brands?
two dresses for sales - Standard
Posted by andren
5/3/2016  9:08:00 AM
Hi everybody,

I have got dresses for sales.

First one is for Standard, beginning series F/E/D, no strasses. 220 euros

Second one is for standard Series C/B/A, Marabo, with strasses 400 euros

Don't hesitate to contact me.


Re: Ballroom Dancing in Sudbury
Posted by olderpartner
5/2/2016  1:26:00 PM
A quick Google search revealed at least 2 studios in the Sudbury, Ontario area that specifically indicate they teach ballroom. Most studios have some kind of introductory program for couples or singles. If I were you I would pick one and try it out.

Try these links and see what they have to offer. Feel free to return here and ask questions.


Re: Ballroom Dancing in Sudbury
Posted by ladydance
5/2/2016  10:15:00 AM
Sudbury, Ontario?
Ballroom Dancing in Sudbury
Posted by Chant3253
5/1/2016  9:49:00 AM
I would love to learn ballroom dancing? Where are events in sudbury area?
Opening Out from Reverse Top
Posted by dianeroach
4/30/2016  1:01:00 PM
I can't get back to the screen to put in my 6 digit number. When it finally comes on the 6 digit number has timed out!!!!! This is ridiculous.
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by TundraDancing
4/28/2016  8:40:00 AM
This is me, but I'm on vacation, on my laptop and my password isn't saved. Thanks Myra for thinking of me, but I wear a 14 so that wouldn't work. I am working with another poster and we're hopeful that dress will fit.
Contra Bota Fogos
Posted by vanusamiranda
4/26/2016  9:58:00 AM
O samba é coisa simples, mas é samba!!!

È muito possivel se dançar um samba lindo com os básicos do samba, é muito fácil.
Não é preciso se inventar coisas fora samba, como este.

Não entendo o motivo de fazerem isto, Alguém pode explicar??

Alguém quiser aprender algo sobre samba pode conversar comigo. Damos um jeito de você aprender, esteja onde estiver.

Posted by vanusamiranda
4/26/2016  9:49:00 AM
Toda dança tem uma postura.

A do samba nunca teve essa e munto menos este balanço, desta forma.
Ele t, na verdade nen tem balanço, o movimento é do quadril para baico.
O balanço do corpo é um outro passo a seguir pelos dançarinos feras que já dominam muito bem do assunto.

Qualquer coisa me procurem.
Natural Basic Movement
Posted by vanusamiranda
4/26/2016  9:43:00 AM
Olá, fico impressionada...

Quando queremos aprender um ritmo procuramos sua origem. Porque que no samba é diferente.
Vejo videos em que em a música é qualquer tipo de samba.

Nestas aulas de samba também não consigo identificar nenhum passo de samba.
São tão simples, regras básicas fáceis de identificar e diferenciar.
E a apartir do samba também se segue as outras danças brasileiras.

Precisando pode mr procurar.

Faço até intercambio para o aprendizado.

Re: Starting serious training
Posted by mynameisnaomi
4/25/2016  3:19:00 PM
I will keep this in mind, thank you very very much!
Looking for American Rhythm and Smooth Partner
Posted by jodiqh
4/25/2016  2:50:00 PM
Hi Everyone:

My name is JoAnne and I have been studying ballroom for the past 5 years and am just beginning my professional journey. I am looking for someone to perform with and train / compete with in the American style rhythm and smooth dances. I am very hard-working, driven and passionate about ballroom so I am looking for someone who doesn't mind working hard to make it in the industry. I have to admit, I am a shorty so it's been hard to find someone to partner-up with, but I give it everything I have every single time I hit the dance floor. If you are interested and would like to give it a test run shoot me an e-mail at jodilatta@hotmail.com
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by Myra
4/24/2016  5:15:00 PM
Hi i do have beautiful ballroom dress for waltz 160 and latin dance 60 i worn it once yesterday... Size:s/4
Let me know if you are interested so i could send you pic.

Needed 2 International Ballroom Dance Teachers
Posted by Ludmilla
4/21/2016  12:09:00 PM
Ottawa Dance Sport Inc. is looking for a professional ballroom dance instructor to train kids and adults full-time. Minimum ballroom dance experience is 15 years, starting from a young age. Must be an experienced competitor as preparing students for competition is a big component of the work. To apply, please contact Milla MacDonald by email, ottawadancesport@hotmail.com, or by phone: 613-263-4622.
What IS that odd Https:// forum post?
Posted by TundraDancingGal
4/16/2016  9:07:00 AM
I'm not clicking on that link, it looks like something that could be a virus, or is it a legitimate thread? I was tempted as I know someone wanted to create a survey.
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by TundraDancingGal
4/15/2016  1:28:00 PM
I do have a back-up, but one of the members here has been a wonderful and found a dress that may work. Good for you finding something, at a novice level we can get away with some other styles, but I'd love to have a true ballroom dress. What style was yours? Short or long? I'll be doing fox trot, waltz and tango so would like floor length.
Re: https://goo.gl/ngPaXJ
Posted by Nmarkrn
4/13/2016  10:13:00 AM
What is the survey for?
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by Nmarkrn
4/13/2016  10:10:00 AM
I just did my first showcase after dancing for 8 months found a beautiful dress for $60 on sale at Lord and Taylor's! It was originally well over $300.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by GMC
4/9/2016  6:40:00 PM
Just started Arthur murray dance friday and I never dance but we really enjoyed it. Ashburn va .great dance teacher and staff..loved it
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