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Re: Looking for female dance partner
Posted by Luiza
4/23/2014  12:50:00 PM
Hello. Where are you located and what are your requirements? I'm very passionate about dancing, especially salsa and bachata and I would like to get in touch with people with similar interests. All the best! - Luiza
Re: West Coast Swing "Island" song
Posted by nloftofan1
4/23/2014  7:50:00 AM
"(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" by Otis Redding has a bit of that character.
Music out of dance move using motiontracking
Posted by Artur_Reimer
4/23/2014  6:07:00 AM
hi everybody
im artur reimer from berlin and i'm the chief dance officer at Nagual Sounds
we developed a technology that turns your dance moves into music by dancing in front of a 3d motion tracking camera (kinect)
we assigned instruments to different parts of the body and depending on the speed ans position of your body parts you creat music in real time.
we made some shows with dancers using our technology and it works great for them.
now we want to make the first product with this technology and it should be a software for dancers, dancestudios and everybody who like dancing, moving and music.
i wanted to ask you, cause you are dancers, if you are interested in such a product. could you imagine using this in performances or for training.
would be nice to get some feedback from you.
you can check some videos on our website nagualsounds.com

all the best

Re: Just joined ; can't get videos to play
Posted by Waltz123
4/22/2014  11:37:00 PM
What kind of computer or device are you using to view the website?
Just joined ; can't get videos to play
Posted by Pokerman11
4/22/2014  8:55:00 PM
How does one get the videos to play?
Re: West Coast Swing "Island" song
Posted by Samuel
4/22/2014  8:47:00 PM
Ask Hermanlamdance.com. He could give you some tips
West Coast Swing "Island" song
Posted by Docjohnson
4/22/2014  3:00:00 PM
Hi Dancers,
I'm putting together a studio recital/show with an island theme. However, I'm having trouble finding a song for a West Coast swing number that has a tropical or cuban sound. Any suggestions?
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by ballroomchick
4/22/2014  10:19:00 AM

Have you tried Diamont shoes? I know a couple of school teachers who have switched over to this brand of shoe because they are SOOO comfortable.

They ARE a lot more expensive, but so worth the extra cost when you can dance all night long in them after being in heels teaching school all day long.
Posted by DLH
4/21/2014  4:38:00 PM
I totally agree with you on the on the first and second partS. On the thrid part the man who was first in line should dance with the lady ( my opinion ) thanks for yor reply. DLH
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by Lisa
4/21/2014  3:46:00 PM
Hi - I'm looking for a comfortable pair of dance shoes - I have plantar faciitis, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, etc. I did try looking for your shop, Odie, but I don't have a Facebook page... do you have a regular website? Or does anyone have some good suggestions for someone whose feet are half numb and half painful, lol? Thanks!
Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by Waltz123
4/21/2014  2:22:00 PM
The key to accelerating your progress in any skill is to isolate.

If hearing the music is difficult, then isolate it: Spend a certain amount of practice time sitting down and listening to music, with no dancing.

If finding beat 1 is difficult, spend your music listening time counting along in time with the music. Start with songs you know, and slowly build a repertoire.

If certain styles of music are more difficult for you than others, the formula is the same: Focus on those styles that you find difficult. If Rumba is a problem, then acquire 10 Rumbas. Start with the easiest ones, and work your way up in difficulty. You will start to identify which instruments are responsible for which patterns of rhythm, and what beats they tend to fall on. As you are learning, you will go through a phase of conscious identification. As long as you're still in that phase, keep your regular regimen of listening sessions, and keep adding songs, as well as reviewing the old ones. If you're patient and persistent, the conscious identification will slowly turn into subconscious reaction. Eventually, you will just "feel" the music.

Posted by ballroomchick
4/21/2014  11:43:00 AM
It makes a person appear snobish by counting people in line and trading places just so you don't have to partner up with a particular person. Mixers are suppose to be the luck of the draw, we all started out as a novice. If you REALLY don't want to dance with someone move to the back of the line.

If no one is standing in line when the guy brings the girl back to the pickup/drop off area a NICE man will ask the girl if she wishes to go around again or stop an wait.

At times 2 guys may end up at the front of the line. At that time the girl/guy may defer to whom ever has not yet danced with the lady.
Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by nloftofan1
4/21/2014  7:01:00 AM
Helmut Licht made a recording called "Rhythm Music." Ten dance styles, each starting with only the beat, eventually (each) adding a simple melody. It's as simple as it gets.
Looking for female dance partner
Posted by Viacheslav
4/20/2014  1:12:00 PM
Hi, I' m looking a hardwork, dedicated female partner to compete in professionals area. I'm 30 and 182 sm. latin.
Re: At crossroads in dance career: help!!
Posted by fkilani
4/19/2014  11:35:00 PM
maybe a point of view from one who only dances socially can help, If you love Latin just keep dancing for fun and do not focus on the technique at least at first and tell your boyfriend it just for fun and he can use whatever technique he is comfortable with , you don't have to spend time and money on coaches, you don't even have to practice moves and techniques. just put some music and dance. as you try to do so you can figure out on your own what to do.
Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by O.Z.
4/19/2014  5:52:00 PM
A few years ago from Japan there were a series of disks where the music was played as it should be. Then at the end one of the tunes was used where only the beats could be heard They were very good. I don't know if they are still available.
Posted by DLH
4/18/2014  5:33:00 PM
In buss-stop mixers is it bad manners or what if you decline to dance with the next person in line if you had danced with them before? Thanks DLH
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