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Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by addicted2Salsa
5/22/2015  6:03:00 PM
Hello Amanda,

I want to suggest ordering from http://www.exoticsalsashoes.com/. Recently had the same problem with a pair I bought on ebay but came across this site and I love them! I have skinny feet so needed a Narrow width but didn't have to order narrow, medium seemed to work fine on the style recommended by their customer service. Try calling them and they will guide you in the right direction!I'll double check for the style I don't remember it off hand.
Finding the right studio in Fort Worth, Texas
Posted by breyes
5/22/2015  12:47:00 PM
My husband and I started at dancing at a chain studio a year ago to prepare for our wedding. We love the instructors but the high pressure sales pitches and cost has turned me off. We enjoy dancing together and work long hours so the "free" classes just go to waste. I recently looked at how much we have spent there as well as their contract and I'm disgusted. There has to be somewhere where we can enjoy learning without being harassed about competitions (which we have no desire to do) and that doesn't cost an extra car payment.
Posted by Iluvsalsa
5/22/2015  10:57:00 AM
Oh nice I have been to California to visit family and took advantage and visited the Very Fine Dance Shoes warehouse. IF I ever go back I should contact you for the locations for dancing.
Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by Bachadicta
5/22/2015  10:56:00 AM
Hi Amanda,

anything with extra cushioning would work great! Have you been dancing fora long time? Maybe a short heel would help. What brand of shoes did you buy? :O
Posted by Bachadicta
5/22/2015  10:54:00 AM
Just different locations located in California. and you?
Posted by Iluvsalsa
5/22/2015  10:32:00 AM
where do you dance?
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by ada
5/22/2015  10:27:00 AM
Hello Odie:
You might consider just a regular website. I'm not on Facebook, but when I did go to your website, it required me to enter my e-mail address and then another pop up to share or like came up. Not my thing. Unfortunately, I cannot browse your shoes due to that inconvenience :(
Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by iluvsalsa
5/21/2015  4:13:00 PM

I would suggest to get an item with mesh on the sides since it eases the tightness versus a full leather front. Take a look at some very fine styles. My wife owns C5017 from Very fine and is a happy dancer. You can purchase online. I took a look at what Bachadicta posted and they carry them. It all depends if you like the style. I hope you find comfortable shoes so you can dance the night away.
Posted by Bachadicta
5/21/2015  4:08:00 PM
Warmest Regards!
Re: comfortable dance shoes
Posted by Bachadicta
5/21/2015  4:06:00 PM
Hey Amanda!

I have about 10 pairs of dance shoes that I've bought from appledanceshoes.com. They ahev a wide variety if Very Fine shoes at reasonable prices! You can live chat with their customer service representatives and they can help you decide what shoes would best fit you. I recommend you check out the website! :)
Posted by iluvsalsa
5/21/2015  4:03:00 PM
Thanks Bachatita! I will take a look. Happy dancing!
Posted by Bachadicta
5/21/2015  4:01:00 PM
Yes! all there selection is from Very Fine! Check out the shoes at appledanceshoes.com!
you wont regret it! :D
Re: Opinions on this website
Posted by Bachadicta
5/21/2015  3:48:00 PM
I've purchased many shoes from appledanceshoes.com. That is a trusted website! Shoes are really good quality and they have a wide variety of shoes to choose from!
Posted by iluvsalsa
5/21/2015  3:14:00 PM
Do they carry Very Fine Dance Shoes for men? thanks for sharing I will check out the site. Where do you dance @Bachadicta?
Posted by Bachadicta
5/20/2015  6:00:00 PM
I have been buying shoes from appledanceshoes.com for about a year now and I am very pleased with this site! My shoes are delivered within days. Whenever I have questions, their customer service Reps are always very helpful and they have a wide variety of shoes to choose from! I love this site and their shoes! I would highly recommend these shoes to all you dancers!
Re: Romantic feelings with Ballroom dance teacher.
Posted by Opportunity
5/19/2015  7:50:00 PM
I am also an older dancer in my late 40's. I know that complements are hard to come by these day's especially getting older. You are an adult enjoy the moment it's only 40 mins of dancing anyway. Respect yourself and your teacher. As a teacher it's difficult to get your adult students to relax and just do the steps, compliments helps put adult students in the mood to let go and dance. Don't ever stop dancing there is nothing wrong with having someone believe in you and you know where you stand. Until the invitation is extended for something more than dancing then you have something to pick and issue with in the meantime don't assume anything, if you're wrong then you will feel foolish.
Live dance trio available
Posted by Standard Time Trio - live dance band!
5/15/2015  3:25:00 AM
ATTENTION EVENT COORDINATORS: We are a trio that has performed for years on cruise ships around the world. We are available for extended group events such as ballroom conventions, cruises, or other events. See samples on our website at http://StandardTimeTrio.webs.com. Reasonable rates and professional LIVE music tailored to your event in all styles. Contact me for details at nancysbandbiz@hotmail.com.
Feedback on DSI's TV ???
Posted by Joseph12
5/14/2015  8:28:00 AM
Hi guys,

Its not my first time paying for a subscription for the DSI TV, to watch different comps like UK and Blackpool. I think its a genius idea !

Does anyone else use this service ? Just interesting to know, how many people actually appreciate it.


Re: Romantic feelings with Ballroom dance teacher.
Posted by jonb82
5/13/2015  10:52:00 PM
I would leave the studio. This guy seems out for things other than helping you dance and that is inappropriate. You need someone who challenges you and points out flaws, not someone who dotes on you. He just wants your money or worse, wants to cheat on his wife.
Re: The momentum of turn
Posted by Waltz123
5/11/2015  11:58:00 AM
All movement comes from one or more of the following 3 sources: Muscular power, gravity, and residual momentum. When we look at pure rotation on a plane parallel to the ground, we can rule out gravity, so that leaves us with muscles and momentum.

With quick spins from a static position, the power is generated at the beginning of the movement, and then the remainder of the turn is powered by the momentum from that initial burst of energy. Extremely small turns -- say, 1/2 or less -- are generally so small that you never get to the point where you relax and ride out the momentum. With these turns, your muscles are actively working to stop the turn almost immediately after they have initiated it. Conversely, with extended turns -- say, for example, doubles or triples (depending on the nature of the turn) -- you might need to regenerate some of that momentum with additional muscular activity to keep turning.

With the type of turn you describe -- a back swivel of approximately 1/2 turn on one foot -- it's really just a muscular activity, a release and a stop. So to your question, "Where does the momentum of the turn come from?", the very general answer in this case is simply muscular activity. In other words, there's very little, if any, force at work here other than the timing and positioning of your own body.

Now to be more specific about the action in your case, the back swivel is almost exclusively a twisting action, or really two twisting actions: One of the upper body and the other of the legs and feet. The secret is that they don't occur at exactly the same time. We teach beginners to hold everything together in one piece, because they need to learn how to contain everything before they can be taught to selectively disengage or offset parts of the body in ways that are beneficial. I say this because it's important to understand that ultimately it's not wrong (in fact, it's *more* correct) to turn "in pieces", so to speak, so long as it's done the right way. Also, it's important to understand for turns greater than 1/2 that the body would need to realign very quickly after the initial burst of speed, and this cannot be done without knowing how to properly align the body in the first place.

That being said, the offset timing of the twist of your upper and lower body ultimately makes this turn (and almost all basic turns, for that matter) much easier.

To begin, you can teach yourself where these two twists "come from" (i.e. what muscles produce them) by simply isolating them and practicing them outside of the context of this turn. Lower body twist is essentially a form of turnout / turn-in. The turnout is of the entire leg relative to the rest of the body (not of the foot alone), so it occurs at the hip. There are two ways to do this: One is to turn the legs under the body (basically one leg turning out while the other turns in, as in the Chubby Checker dance called "The Twist"), and the other is the turning of the whole body over the standing leg. The latter is what we use for most outside turns, such as the pencil turn. But as it happens, this particular turn uses more of a leg twist (i.e. the Chubby Checker type). So to teach yourself where this part of the twist comes from, try dancing the Chubby Checker Twist and pay attention to what the muscles are doing to produce it.

The second twist is that of the upper body against the lower body. To teach yourself the action, place two fingertips of each hand on your sternum with elbows pointing straight out to your sides. Take a wide stance, and without turning your legs or hips, twist your upper body as far as you can from left, then to right. Remember that you must keep your hips still, twisting only the spine above the hips. Keep twisting back and forth slowly, to the maximum your body will allow on each side. This is upper body twist.

To put this in the context of your back swivel: The first action is a step back onto your right foot, making sure the weigh
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