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Re: Hair Jewelry
Posted by ssuweng
6/25/2016  9:39:00 PM
Do you still sell hair jewelry, and if so, what is your etsy site?
Re: Introduction to Announce the Type of Dance
Posted by linorosano
6/24/2016  6:13:00 AM
Looking for a spokes-couple!
Posted by SherriWimberly
6/22/2016  11:31:00 PM
DanceKinesis is looking for a competitor couple who would like to raise the bar on their competition dancing!

DanceKinesis wants you to represent our tried and proven world-class body, movement and dance training system created from the needs and desires of social and professional dancers worldwide. DanceKinesis turns the body's natural movement into dance, rather than forcing the body to dance through an ideology of prescribed steps, patterns and rule. Technique is then applied to natural movement only to maintain and control the rhythm, timing and styling of each dance.

Designed specifically for Ballroom and Latin dance, DanceKinesis uses the 7 Laws of Natural Movement and the 2 Natural Laws of Energy to teach the body how to create and shape movement within a specified time and space. Not only does this change the way we move, it completely changes traditional concepts of lead and follow, how we listen to music, and hear rhythms. Over the past 25 years, we have set out not to prove our program, but to disprove it. Our finding?

...DanceKinesis works!

Let us train you at a special reduced rate (the going rate for high level coaching begins at around $125/hour), and in addition, you will:

have access to our teacher/studio certification method (if you so choose)
the complete DanceKinesis Program (books, charts, DVDS, etc.
all sponsorship materials (DanceKinesis logo jacket, logo products, promos, etc.).
If you own a studio or decide to open one, our program will also give your own staff and students a profound understanding of dance and music for their own competitive edge.

For more about Percell St.Thomass and his world class dance training programs, see www.percelldance.com and www.dancekinesis.com for Argentine tango (he is also a Buenos Aires recognized, adjudicator level maestro).

Message us at dkteam@dancekinesis.com
Jan. 29 - Feb. 5, 2017 TangoKinesis Cruise
Posted by SherriWimberly
6/22/2016  11:12:00 PM
TangoKinesis Cruise - January 29 -February 5, 2017

Two World Class Maestros - 2 classes/day (4-5 days) - Daily Milongas/Practicas - Welcome cocktail party - VIP status available (register before Aug. 1, 2016) - Tango Dance Hosts - Group Dining - Group Photo Ops - and much more....

Teaching the body to dance by understanding natural movement and energies....DanceKinesis/TangoKinesis

Maestra Andrea Fuchilieri & Maestro Percell St.Thomass bring you new ways of learning and achieving:

The perfect balance
The perfect embrace
The perfect walk
The perfect lead & follow
The perfect musicality

Call 601.582.3300 Lyn McCrory, Travel Consultant, Pro Travel, Inc (code word 'Tango Cruise')VIP Special $50 deposit before August 1, 2016 - pay it out until October 1, 2016.
Looking for Ballroom Dance Instructor
Posted by dancedcda
6/22/2016  10:17:00 AM
Ballroom Dance School for children and adults (professionals &amateurs, competitive & social) in Fairfax Virginia is looking for part-time/full-time dance instructor. Styles of dance taught include Standard, Latin, Social Ballroom. Our ideal candidates will have a strong dance background, and must be passionate about developing dancers of all ages and levels! Hours are flexible, and can be discussed during the interview. Competition experience a plus! To be considered, please respond to this ad with your resume Required experience: Dance Instructor: 2 years (minimum). Please email dancedcda@gmail.com or call 919-607-9965

Miami Special
Posted by YvonneFenwick
6/21/2016  8:53:00 AM
You will lose this member if you block steps that I thought I paid for by trying to get me to upgrade my membership!!
Looking for male latin amateur in Los Angeles
Posted by MonLatin
6/19/2016  6:12:00 PM
I'm an amateur latin girl looking for amateur latin man. Ages +25-40. I am 5'4 (5'7 in heels). I have a flexible schedule and financial stable to take lessons and coaching.
Pre-champ or Open level.
Re: How hard would it be for me to start pointe?
Posted by Barb7124
6/19/2016  11:28:00 AM

Have your feet evaluated by a qualified teacher. You may be able to start in demi-pointe shoes before you go on full pointe. Start slow! You will also need to get fitted by a professional at a dance shoe shop, to make sure you get shoes suited for your feet and ability. Do not buy any pointe shoes online and just try them. Good Luck!
How hard would it be for me to start pointe?
Posted by Ms. Eyre
6/18/2016  3:57:00 PM
Hi everyone!
I am a former competitive figure skater who wants to enter the world of dance. I was forced to quit skating about 3 years ago due to a severe ankle injury, but all is well now. I wish I could continue skating but the cost to skate at my level is too expensive.
I did dance (ballet and Chinese folk) when I was young and again when I was older during my years as a figure skater. I danced continuously for about 4-5 years but I wasn't allowed on pointe due to the fact that I was still skating 24/7 at the time and my coaches had fears of me ruining my feet too much.
I am now 19 years old and I would love to learn to go on pointe as a new challenging activity for me. It has been a while but I have maintained most of my flexibility (splits) and quite a bit of muscle from my years of training (and recently am working to get back all my strength). I was wondering if anyone had any idea how fast I could go on pointe, can I learn on my own or if I even can go on pointe. It would be really helpful to get some insight and even some exercises to help me get enough strength and balance to start pointe (right now I am dancing at home and will start classes when I return to New York for school).

Also, I have flexible flat feet and I've been training real hard for the last two years to strengthen my ankles.

Thanks you guys so much :)!

Re: advise for a tango website
Posted by terence2
6/18/2016  9:13:00 AM

On Dance Forums, there are many who visit and some who live in Argentina , with extensive knowledge. They can tell you what is current.
Re: Suggestions for a samba or cha cha song
Posted by terence2
6/18/2016  9:10:00 AM

American or Intern. style ?
Looking for a dance partner for ballroom dancing
Posted by FCABARLE
6/17/2016  11:19:00 AM
I'm looking for a female dance partner who will take lessons once a week and practice once or twice a week. Lessons are in Westville, NJ and practice can be at my home in Mt Holly NJ.
advise for a tango website
Posted by oguzhan
6/17/2016  9:30:00 AM
Hello Everyone!

I wanna prepare a website for everyone who is especially beginner. Could you pls help me to find some ueful links about what is tango history, the best performers, tango shoes etc.

Im going to prepare an english version for all users around the world, but if you want to check my web site, you can see it there.


Thanks for your answers.

Re: how to keep shoes from smelling?
Posted by guest
6/16/2016  7:32:00 PM
Try dusting with bicarbonate of soda
Re: Introduction to Announce the Type of Dance
Posted by twaldowski
6/16/2016  1:27:00 AM
I use online text-to-speech and mix the sites so the phrases don't all sound the same. And I vary the text:
- Take your partner for a waltz
- Next up is a swing
- etc.

Re: Song ideas
Posted by twaldowski
6/16/2016  1:09:00 AM
Are your examples literal or is your goal to showcase different dances? Waltz is 3/4 and all other music is 4/4; mixing Waltz with anything will be difficult but it can be done. With Latin music you can probably mix Cha-Cha and Rumba.

You will have more success matching dances to music than the other way around. Here is what I mean. Coincidentally I have a favorite selection from a movie soundtrack. It starts Bolero, then Quickstep, then Cha-Cha.

I was in a West Coast Swing class and the teacher lives WCS. She said we could do WCS to Waltz timing and she was right - just not a Waltz you like because then you want to go big.

For a Latin mix try Hi-a Ma by Milk and Sugar.
Re: Song ideas
Posted by ballroomchick
6/15/2016  12:16:00 PM

Tango and cha cha are 2 different tempos. Only way for you to do this would be to cut 2 pieces of music and run them back to back.

As for going a Waltz and Rumba, there's already a dance that combines both - Bolero. LOTS of music for that. It's a beautiful dance and if danced correctly is quit sensual/romantic.
Introduction to Announce the Type of Dance
Posted by vef47
6/15/2016  6:51:00 AM
I have playlists of music and I would like to announce the type of song that will be playing next....!!

Are there any pre recorded introductions available to announce what dance will be playing next such as "Foxtrot" or "Tango" or "Waltz" etc. ..??

Thank you,
Suggestions for a samba or cha cha song
Posted by julie22
6/14/2016  9:29:00 AM
I'm searching for an upbeat cha cha or samba song that starts slowly. Maybe with piano or guitar etc? We would love to start our dance with a few simple walzt steps and than continue with cha cha or samba. Any suggestions?
Song ideas
Posted by Kate S
6/14/2016  4:47:00 AM
Hi, I'm currently looking for a song for our little showdance. We would love to combine one latin dance and one ballroom dance. For example chacha and tango or waltz and rumba. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.
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