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Posted by TASLAS
11/24/2014  12:33:00 AM
Please let me know your best offer for the renewal of my subscription.
Re: professional latin competing???
Posted by O.K.
11/23/2014  6:39:00 PM
First.To compete as a Professional you do not need to pass any examinations.
Why dont you enter for the British at Blackpool which is held in May every year.
Google World Dance Council. and get familiar with the bigger picture. Warning. There are two main Societies . And they are at war with each other which is a bit ridicules but there it is.Why I used the word warning is because one of the Societies if you entered the others competition. They would ban you forever to enter anything they run. Where I live that rule will not apply. It got tossed out. To be on the safe side check the situation.
professional latin competing???
Posted by chacha2341
11/23/2014  8:35:00 AM
Hi i am from uk and danced for idta! I have won several times nationwide in ballroom latin and modern sequence. I have now started to take exams as a professional through the idta to gain my teaching qualification. I do miss competing as i can no longer dance for the idta if teach but i am wondering if anyone could give me any tips and continuing to compete with another dance council? Also any tips on fimding a partner etc? I have never been given much insight into anything outside of idta. I would really appriciate any advice.
Thank you xx
Re: socializing
Posted by curious
11/20/2014  5:58:00 PM
Thanks all of you for your replies
Re: socializing
Posted by ladydance
11/18/2014  7:25:00 AM
There is no law, that allows or doesn't allow, socializing. There can be an expectation from a studio that an instructor behave a certain way, that is as far as it goes. If Ballroomchick is right and you are with AM, they make up all sorts of rules and present them as if there is some sort of legal backing. They are very good at sending offical looking (threatening) letters to keep students and instructors in line.
Re: socializing
Posted by ballroomchick
11/17/2014  11:34:00 AM
That sounds like your are from Arthur Murrays.

Why would AM instructors do this? You have paid $$$$ to do a comp with them that would have cost you 1/2 that price or less out the AM world. They want to make sure you have a goooood time to keep coming back.

Independent teachers do what they wish. Nothing wrong meeting up at event parties or group dinners with students. I know 1 guy who took his instructor to Peru for 2 weeks after they got through with a competition in South America. It was a trip of a life time for her. We all got to live the trip with them through FB photos. She has a very secure boyfriend and they are both the instructor and student are upstanding people.

What is creepy is for a student to sleep their way up the chain of dance instructors. Also an instructor who hits up students to sleep with them. Its a small world and everyone knows what everyone is doing. Think long and hard on your actions. It could very well affect who wishes to socialize with you/or who wishes to take instruction from you.
Re: socializing
Posted by Clary
11/17/2014  10:46:00 AM
Because even though there is social component to competitions, they are still a "business activity" between a vendor and their customers.
Posted by curious
11/17/2014  9:40:00 AM
Why are instructors allowed to socialize with their students during competitions if it's not considered appropriate otherwise?
Re: App for Ipad?
Posted by Administrator
11/17/2014  7:33:00 AM
It's not an icon on the web page. It's in the toolbar of the Safari browser itself. As of the last few versions of Mobile Safari, the toolbars automatically hide after a few seconds. To bring them back, you'll need to scroll the page. I think you need to scroll up, but try both directions (even if the page is not big enough to scroll).

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: App for Ipad?
Posted by Tissie
11/17/2014  6:16:00 AM
I followed the link, but I never saw the icon you're talking about. Only 2 icons were "Learn the dances" and Variation of the Week. I must have missed something.
Re: Salsa Dancing Confusion
Posted by dancer
11/16/2014  7:42:00 PM
Hi SalsaLover,

It sounds like somewhere in your dance journey you haven't crossed paths yet with someone who can teach you to follow.Some Instructors just teach steps so the students don't develop a true sense of following.If you learn how to follow you will have the freedom to keep dancing any style you like when you go to socials. I go Ballroom and Club dancing and have a great time:)!

If you learn Rhythm Mambo you will be able to do Club Salsa easily.Not only that if your female and you have a good Instructor looking after your technique and following skills you will enjoy and look better on the dance floor.

Good luck on your journey!
Re: App for Ipad?
Posted by Administrator
11/16/2014  9:00:00 AM
We have a mobile web app you can add to your home screen:

Just follow that link, or type it in to your safari browser. Then look for the icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of it. Click on that, and select "Add to Home Screen".

The mobile web app stores your login info for one year at a time. So once you're logged in and the web app has been saved to your home screen, you will always be just one click away from the BallroomDancers syllabus.


Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Used tailsuit source in the Midwest?
Posted by pakarinen
11/15/2014  8:29:00 AM
Thank you, but I'm 5'10" and 180 pounds.
App for Ipad?
Posted by Tissie
11/14/2014  10:18:00 AM
Is there an app available for my Ipad? It would be great to be able to open the website on my Ipad without having to type in the address everytime.
Re: Tango Song Ideas
Posted by Anastasia
11/14/2014  7:26:00 AM
I love, love doing the tango to Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics or Don't You Want Me by Human League. Check it out.
Re: Used tailsuit source in the Midwest?
Posted by kjhwang
11/13/2014  9:57:00 PM
Or e mail Kjhwang0426@gmail.com
Re: Used tailsuit source in the Midwest?
Posted by kjhwang
11/13/2014  9:55:00 PM
I am between 5.6 to 5.61/2 and used 3 times for comp wt 145 lb. Made by Onik California . Let me know .i am chicago north . Txt or email 2192210166
Used tailsuit source in the Midwest?
Posted by pakarinen
11/13/2014  11:06:00 AM
Any pointers to a source of used Standard tailsuits in northern Illinois, northern Indiana, southern Wisconsin or southwestern Michigan?

I haven't ruled out the Internet, but I like to see things in person; I'm in the Chicago area.

Re: ISO hair stylist in Charleston, SC
Posted by Seraphina.13
11/13/2014  7:18:00 AM
Most competitions now offer the services of hair stylists and make-up artists. If you are doing a recognized competition, go on their website and look under the Vendors tab. That's where you'll find a listing of services being offered (i.e., dress designers, shoes, jewelry, hair/make-up, photography/video, etc.)
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