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ballroom dress for sale
Posted by Niamh
9/30/2014  1:36:00 PM
I'm selling a beautiful green ballroom dress with splash of purple colour, very effective on the dance floor. Need to get this dress sold ASAP as I'm purchasing a new one so it's going for a reasonable price of 700. UK size 8-10 please email me niamh88fox@hotmail.com if you are interested and I can send you pictures and give any more details
Re: KSM dance shoes
Posted by susanmarian
9/30/2014  8:21:00 AM
I own 4 pairs of shoes from Diamant. They offer a comfort line which has an arch support and a lower heel (spanish style and Cuban style). check out Carmens Dance Shoes on line as they offer a extensive choice as well as similar brands with comfort fit. They will also free ship an exchange if you need to return for size. Karizmah Dance Shoes offer a limited Diamant line. I have dealt with both businesses and they are very helpful.
Latin Dress !!!!
Posted by jennifer326
9/29/2014  1:31:00 PM
This dress is a custom latin dress worn twice. It it looks amazing on the dance floor complete in Swarowski crystals
Tango Song Ideas
Posted by Amy
9/27/2014  11:51:00 PM
Hey guys it's Amy,
Do you have any TANGO ideas?
I have Toxic by Britney Spears
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Amy
9/27/2014  11:48:00 PM
I'm not the only one by Sam Smith
Stay with me is quite good too.
There my favourites because I am only 6 years old.
If you are doing a Paso double toxic by Britney Spears is good.
Re: Reverse Corte
Posted by socialdancer
9/27/2014  2:44:00 AM
The simple, though not very useful, answer is 'because it is not a turn - it's a corte'

Why is it not a heel turn?
Because it does not meet the definition or use the generally recognised technique.

Guy Howard's definition of a heel turn is "The backwards action of an open turn when the partner stays in line". The corte is not an open turn so it fails this test.

The ISTD definition is different and at first glance may appear to apply to the corte: "A turn that is first commenced on the ball of the stepping foot and then continued on the heel, the closing foot being kept parallel throughout." However, it goes on to say "The weight is transferred on to foot that has closed as the turn is completed."

Simplistically, we go into a heel turn by stepping backwards on either foot, and we come out by stepping forward on the same foot. So for a reverse turn we enter backwards on the right foot and exit forwards on the right foot.

For the reverse corte, we enter by stepping backwards on the right foot but we exit by stepping backwards on the left foot. Completely different.
Reverse Corte
Posted by kuanelu
9/26/2014  4:32:00 PM
Hi, All
Is there anyone can tell me, why in the technical books, they don't mention the reverse corte is heel turn.

If reverse corte is not heel turn step, can anyone tell me the reason why?
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by balldancer
9/26/2014  3:39:00 PM
The standard of the IDTA examinations is appalling as can be clearly proven by watching the standard of most dancers who take any, lierally any, of the examinations. It ssems that the only criteria is that those taking the exams can actually walk, but not necessarily very well. The standard of the examinations is a disgrace. It has to be seen to be believed and is highly insulting to those worthy of taking the examinations. Again, to judge for yourself, observe the standard of the dancing skills of those who have taken the exams. Usually it's a disaster.
Question for studio owners and/or manager???
Posted by DancesportVA
9/26/2014  11:40:00 AM
I'm looking to find a studio management software for the studio that I work. I am having difficulty finding a program that has all the features I need. Our studio runs mainly with private lessons, and our accounting is done through QuickBooks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Re: BDC Mobile and iOS8
Posted by jongleur9418
9/26/2014  11:23:00 AM
Yes, it seems to be the case for now: we will have to use the mobile version through Safari. Not ideal but still better than searching the BDC full site on an iPhone screen. I will keep checking on the bug issue too. Please let me know if you have new solutions.

Thank you very much for the effort!
Re: In need of thythm dress for first compatition.
Posted by 6cardkitty
9/26/2014  5:56:00 AM
You could also check out this website

Re: A vibrating wearable to give you the tempo ?!
Posted by tony080658
9/26/2014  12:59:00 AM
so conseated.
what about all those people that love to dance but have extreme difficulty in listining to the beat /tempo, or is dancing only for the select few.
i think this developement would be great.
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by Voco
9/26/2014  12:38:00 AM
I agree with OK who said that Nobody will ever learn arm-styling from a book. All dancers know that dancing is 4 dimensional; in the sense that time is the 4th dimension. To reduce that to paper is a nearly impossible task. Furthermore, in the past five decades the Latin style has changed. Every Latin dancer knows that as well.

Get a good teacher whose style appeals to you. By the way many teachers regard arm-styling as secondary, because without the correct foot and body work and lead & follow, arm styling is meaningless, at least in my opinion.
Re: BDC Mobile and iOS8
Posted by Administrator
9/25/2014  9:18:00 PM
I have another update for you:

After only a day, a Google search for "iOS 8 won't play video" has several more pages of relevant results than yesterday. The consensus of these results is that there does indeed seem to be a bug that prevents the display of HTML5 embedded video in iOS 8, but only when you've saved the mobile website to your home screen as a mobile web app. It seems (and please verify this if you would) that if you open mobile Safari and navigate to our mobile site at http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/, the video will play there.

It's not ideal, but it's a decent workaround, and will do the job until Apple fixes the issue.

Re: BDC Mobile and iOS8
Posted by jongleur9418
9/25/2014  8:17:00 PM
By the way, actually the playback of the BDC videos has no problem in its full site with iOS 8. But it would be very hard to give up the mobile version.
Re: BDC Mobile and iOS8
Posted by jongleur9418
9/25/2014  8:02:00 PM

it works! Thank you for being so resposive! Please let me know if I can help any other way!
Re: In need of thythm dress for first compatition.
Posted by ballroomchick
9/25/2014  8:51:00 AM
Not a great experience from that company. When you order from China the material is not the highest quality. The stones used (when they are used) are Korean. These have the lowest lead content and are really flat when compared to Swarovski.

I have a dress from China when I bought it, it was a royal blue. It has faded sitting in a dark closet to a MUCH lighter blue. It also has developed spots that are more along soft pink color, so much now look like the material is tie dyed. This is NOT a reaction to tanning product, its on the outside of the dress as well.

Not sure what size you are, but there is a cute silver penny sequined and beaded Latin/rhythm dress on Used Ballroom Dresses on Ebay for $100 plus shipping that goes off in 7 hours. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Competition-Ballroom-Latin-Show-DANCE-dress-SILVER-SEQUINS-FLASHY-/291245561457?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43cf969671#ht_188wt_888

If your looking at used dresses on Ebay be sure to ask if its not listed if the dress has a body suit! A longer dress dances differently without a body suit - and that is not always a good deal!

If your going to order from China, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get a Latin/Rhythm dress. I would suggest you order the dress without stones and do your own stone work! Also be sure to have your own tailor to correct for Chinas mistakes. Order your (flat back) stones from The Rhinestone Guy out of Florida. They are GREAT people to work with! They have all the decorative supplies you need to work on a costume.

If you want to rent a dress or buy a high quality used dress have you tried Encore Ballroom Couture?

OH a cute hot pink fringed dress size medium with penny sequins was just posted today on Ebay. Starting bid is $35 plus shipping. I've purchased a few dresses that did not have stones on them from this seller and have been happy with those.

Re: BDC Mobile and iOS8
Posted by Administrator
9/24/2014  8:51:00 PM
Hi Jongleur,

I apologize for the trouble. Unfortunately, iOS 8 is so new, we haven't actually begun testing it yet. I'm glad you brought the issue to our attention, because we will as a result start looking at iOS 8 with a greater sense of urgency.

iOS 8 has been reported to be quite buggy, which is not a surprise with a brand new release. Even the 8.01 update, which was released today to address some of the first wave of bugs, has created new issues of its own. It's possible (albeit doubtful) that playback of certain videos could be problematic, and if so, Apple will no doubt address the issue in an upcoming update. But assuming it's not a bug, we will have to update either our code, or, in a worst case scenario, reprocess all of our videos with a newer compression scheme.

Since I haven't upgraded to iOS 8 yet myself, I'd like to start with a series of tests, and I'm hoping you (or anyone else with iOS 8) will help. Together we may actually be able to pinpoint the problem, and with any luck, it will be a quick and easy fix on my end. Of course, it could also be something major, in which case it could take a lot longer to address, but this troubleshooting process will help us either way.

First and foremost, I'd like you to click on the following link and let me know if you see a working video or not:


This alone may give us all the info we need. But if not, we'll move on to phase 2 and I'll post a new link for you to try.

Thanks in advance for your assistance, and I hope to resolve the issue for you as soon as possible!

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by O.K.
9/24/2014  3:26:00 PM
Nobody will ever learn arm styling from a book.
BDC Mobile and iOS8
Posted by jongleur9418
9/24/2014  11:43:00 AM
I just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 8 and realized that the BDC Mobile stops playing videos. Is anyone running into the same problem? Please help! Thanks!
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