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Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by dancestyles
6/27/2017  2:50:00 PM
There is no "tap left" or "tap right" in Latin Hustle!
Where is this coming from???
Why are people just making stuff up and posting on this blog?

There are plenty of videos of world champions out there to prove it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cPt0AuX-TM
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by dancestyles
6/27/2017  2:45:00 PM
Disco is not a partners dance, it essentially two disconnected humans on a floor waving their arms around.
Latin Hustle is a VERY connected partners dance, and complicated in the hands of the competant. Quite beautiful too.

By claiming that "Hustle is disco", you have admitted that you have no idea what you are talking about.
Re: When did it change?
Posted by dancestyles
6/27/2017  2:40:00 PM
There were a few 4 and 6 counts steps using the word "hustle", but they were not.
There is ONLY one hustle since 1980, also known as Latin Hustle, or NY Hustle, with a sylabus.
It is expressed as &1,2,3

All other versions are unrecognized, untaught, and non-sylabus dances that are trying to rip off the word hustle.

There is also a line dance, often referred to as "The Hustle", which is not part of this conversation as it is NOT a partners dance!
Need African American dance couple
Posted by Jackie
6/24/2017  3:00:00 PM
I am looking for an African American couple to perform a ball room dance in a small production (Oct 2017), that is geared toward focusing on the family. If you are interested or know someone who is please email me at jtriplett_98@yahoo.com.
Re: Prejudice Against Black Women Dancers? Yes or
Posted by Jackie
6/24/2017  2:57:00 PM
Carol Hi,

I am looking for an African American couple to perform a ball room dance in a small production (Oct 2017), that is geared toward focusing on the family. If you are interested or know someone who is please email me at jtriplett_98@yahoo.com.
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by Karen
6/22/2017  11:33:00 AM
Great post! And, you are so right about recommending people with metal on metal prosthetics to get blood tests done to check their metal levels. Although I don't dance, I do improv comedy and teach it. I had a Birmingham Hip Replacement in 2008, and it started to make grinding and whistling sounds last year. I went to my doctor, and although the x-ray showed it to be in place, he ordered blood tests. Sure enough, I had extremely high levels of cobalt and chromium in my blood, and had to go in and get another hip replacement - only 8 years later. But, I am just lucky they caught it. If you have metal on metal - get your blood checked - and then keep dancing.
Dance Floor Activities
Posted by natalia123
6/20/2017  1:54:00 AM
Moving is a basic segment at most wedding gatherings. We anticipate the couple's "first move" and the lady of the hour's unique hit the dance floor with her dad. It's likewise a place to get free and offbeat, in case you're a visitor or an individual from the wedding party.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which the wedding organizers chosen to add some fun and amazement to the move floor by including fun exercises there. This doesn't mean an awakening adaptation of the "Bunny Hop", which, while perhaps fundamental, is not really interesting.

There are, nonetheless, numerous fun diversions and exercises you can add to your move floor exercises that are certain to be a hit.

Attempt a fun round of the "chicken move". Alright, so that doesn't sound excessively unique. Be that as it may, if a large portion of your visitors are recently sitting at their tables, viewing a couple overcome couples moving, or simply completing their dinners, you might need to get everybody up and having a ton of fun. Attempt this amusement.

The DJ reports a number. Everybody looks under his or her seat, where there is a number. Contingent upon the quantity of visitors at the wedding, there may be just numbers "1" and at least 2, up to 5.

Thus, say the DJ declares number "4". Every individual checks under their seat to perceive what their number is. These numbers can be composed essentially on a bit of covering tape and appended to the underside of the seats when the gathering is being set up. Every "4" in this situation will make a beeline for the move floor to do the chicken hit the dance floor with alternate "4s". Not exclusively does this get individuals out of their seats and on to the move floor, they become more acquainted with other wedding gathering visitors they may not generally know.

One move floor action that is picking up fame is to acquire a move educator for the wedding gathering. As a sort of pre-move action, the instructor will rapidly walk individuals through their paces on the move floor, maybe educating a touch of the waltz or, for something totally extraordinary, a tad bit of the tango, before the music authoritatively starts and moving begins.

Having a move educator do a touch of instructing not just livens up the gathering appropriate from the begin, yet it gets individuals out on the move floor who may some way or another be excessively reluctant typically, making it impossible to get out there and let everything hang out. What's more, for all intents and purposes, it will probably make the wedding visitors feel more positive about their abilities before the official moving starts.

Another fun action to get everybody on the move floor, including even the most hesitant, is something you can allude to as the "snowball" move. This is a decent approach to kick off the moving toward the start of the night.

Here's the manner by which the snowball move works. The wedding gathering, lady of the hour and prepare included, will make a beeline for the move floor for a fun move. The music for this move ought to be quick, something with a disco beat or a quick tune that a great many people have no less than a passing recognition with. After a touch of wedding party moving, the music stops. The female individuals from the wedding party move into the group and bring back one male each. The male individuals from the wedding party do likewise, however they acquire female visitors. The moving at that point starts once more. This is rehashed until every one of the visitors are moving. It's really a snowball impact!

Traveling Spins from Counter Promenade Position
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
6/14/2017  11:36:00 AM
Learning how to spot your turns can help somewhat. I suggest having your teacher work on your ability to spot during your turns, specifically through a series of exercises -- rather than by dancing this figure, which has too many other things that compete for your attention and concentration.

A good starting exercise for spotting is a simple series of 3-step turns to left and right. One single turn in either direction is very manageable, and by alternating directions, there is little risk of getting dizzy. Once you've mastered spotting on the single 3-step turns, you can try to work up to alternating double turns (i.e. 5-step turns), and eventually a continuous series of chaine' turns.

The Traveling Spin in the Gold Paso syllabus is actually just two consecutive turns, so this exercise should be sufficient to improve your execution of this figure in several ways, spotting being just one.

The other thing you have to consider is that to some degree, dizziness is just a natural part of dancing. even the most seasoned dancers get a little dizzy after several consecutive spins. Years of training and conditioning do lessen the effect, however, so keep spinning and over time it will diminish.

Re: Follow My Leader
Posted by administrator
6/14/2017  11:24:00 AM
Hi Keith,

It appears that you are a registered user of BallroomDancers.com, but you have a basic membership level, not a Premium membership.

Being a basic member gives you access to more material than not being a member, but it does not give you access to the entire video collection. In a nutshell, non-users can view all written materials, plus videos in the beginning bronze level. Basic members such as yourself get access to the intermediate bronze level videos, and Premium members get access to everything through full gold. To see a more detailed breakdown, please visit the following page:


The step http://www.ballroomdancers.com/Dances/syllabus.asp?Dance=CHA is part of the full gold International Cha Cha syllabus, so it requires Premium membership to view the video.

I hope you'll consider upgrading to premium, as the support from our Premium users is what allows us to continue producing and developing our website!

Jonathan Atkinson
Western swing dance classes wanted Brookings Orego
Posted by ScarletRose52517
6/13/2017  2:50:00 PM

I have been looking for western swing dance classes for quite some time in the Brookings Oregon/Del Norte county California area. Anyone know of any classes available?
Follow My Leader
Posted by KeithMElliott
6/12/2017  12:21:00 AM
I've registered logged in but cannot watch the video? Seems a bit of poor site ?
Cruzados Walks and Locks
Posted by angel703i
6/10/2017  10:56:00 AM
How to dance
Dance wear and shoes with FREE shipping
6/7/2017  6:42:00 AM

Dance wear and shoes for all dancers in the World :)
Traveling Spins from Counter Promenade Position
Posted by valcar
6/1/2017  10:36:00 PM
I like the traveling spin step but I get dizzy when doing it. What can I do?
Renewal issue
Posted by sanfil
5/31/2017  1:44:00 AM
I cannot renew membership. I get message error despite everything is okay. Can you advise? Thanks
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by mayagsd
5/28/2017  1:15:00 PM
dancing is much more affordable in the uk....in the us, you can easily spend over $5,000 per year just taking one lesson per week. if you want to compete, it could easily be three times that..... the industry is just different here...it's aimed at fairly well to do people with a fair amount of discretionary income.....it's ridiculous, but that's the way it is....
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by mayagsd
5/28/2017  1:00:00 PM
i began my dancing lessons, decades agao, at arthur murray. the teachers were good, but they definitely were pressured by management to "go slow" and sell lots of lesson packages.... I was lucky, i only signed up for a basic package that cost something like $600.00 in 1977. i learned the basics, especially in swing, cha cha, and hustle and met a bunch of friends that went dancing together every weekend. at one point my instructor took me aside and said, "you have a certain knack for this..don't buy any more lesson packages here...go someplace else, like a private studio, and take lessons there." I'm sure she would have been fired if management knew she told me that...but i took her advice and left, went to an excellent private studio, where the teachers were even better and no more contracts...just pay by the hour....that's the only way to go....
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by ladydance
5/26/2017  2:00:00 PM
You can't learn 6 different dances in "several months" and be competent in technique, steps and both the leaders' and followers' parts as well as leading and following.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by FormerProLatinDancer
5/25/2017  5:35:00 PM
"This is simply untrue. My son is being trained as an instructor at an Arthur Murray dance studio by other professional instructors not videos. He has had several years of Jazz, tap, and ballet training prior to joining Arthur Murray."

I had 15 years of Ballroom/Latin experience before I started instructing, and my prices were well below that of Arthur Murray.

"He has been training with instructors for several months and must pass a test to become certified in six different styles of dance before he can teach a class. The instructors are very knowledgeable and do not use a book to teach a class."

Any good instructor will reference a book from time to time. I refer to the DVIDA syllabus with one of my better students all the time so I don't waste time teaching him things that he should know. Arthur Murray doesn't let their syllabus leave the studio... and it's more or less the same!

"I don't know where you are getting this from, but it does not happen in northern Virginia."

Your own response confirmed that they do. Arthur Murray may bring in someone with a dance background, but they'll "train" them in a few short months to teach Ballroom dance at a price world champions charge. I don't doubt your son's ability to dance, but to say that he could teach at that level of price? You've got to be smoking something.

Arthur Murray is a place were people go to feel good about themselves first and foremost. A distant second reason is to actually learn how to dance.
Re: What type of ballroom should I learn???
Posted by Guest
5/23/2017  6:05:00 PM
Looking at, as was suggested." The Way you look Tonight". and then "Something About the Way you Look Tonight". Elton John. Somehow I came across Maya Plisetskaya dancing the Bolero. Anybody wishing to improve their use of the arms and hands in dancing should look at this one.
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