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Re: Swing Jive Out
Posted by O.K
10/24/2014  1:19:00 AM
I have a recording of a International Style Latin competition which was televised. In it the co- commentators Karen Hardy criticized one of the six finalists for dancing the Swing Jive. Stating that they had difficulty keeping in time with the music being played.
So Socially with slower music or in a Medal Test or in a Professional Examination it would be passable. But not for a International competition.
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by Fallaway Whisk
10/22/2014  10:03:00 AM
I completely agree with balldancer!

I too was the prowd owner of lots of medals up to above Gold Star III and thought I could dance reasonably well. I got the shock of my life when comparing myself to low level competitors!

The other issue is it is not just students, but also qualified teachers.

In many cases, the teachers cannot move!


Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by terence2
10/22/2014  3:57:00 AM

Caution.. being a "musician " is very often a hindrance when making assumptions that will not translate, necessarily, to what you are taught.
You will find anomalies in some of the construction in certain dance figures. Don't let it bother you, it will ( I hope ) make sense eventually .

PS.. I have taught many musicians over the years, even from world class Orq. who could not always reconcile some of the areas that you may question.
Looking fwd to your comments on WCS
Re: my husband doesn
Posted by ballroomchick
10/21/2014  11:47:00 AM

Being a jerk is NOT gender specific. These ...girls are breaking social dance code - you do not refuse a person a dance (male or female) unless....
#1 you dont have your dance shoes on.
#2 You really dont know the steps of the particular dance. (but you should be willing to have that person show you how to do the basics)
#3 You are totally out of breath and need a dance to re-oxygenate.
#4 You just killed your foot.

In the 4 studios I dance - married folk come to there and dance with everyone.
Wives come by themselves and dance with everyone.
Husbands come by themselves and dance with everyone.

Its a dance not a contract to do .... what ever. Unless you are making passes at the girls, which I assume you are not.

Brush it off to these females being total jerks and dont bother wasting your time on them again.

As for your wife, crowded floors teach you better floor craft and how to better pay attention to your partner. I have found as I have progress out of Bronze and working for competition, I dont enjoy social dancing as much. I get tired of guys cutting out important portions of patterns. Pushing/pulling me off my center/balance. Young guys who dance smooth dances like they were 105 yrs old and on glass hips. I understand keeping progressive moves in check when the floor is crowded, but when its open and barely moving gets old fast. IMHO

I wish you and your wife the best.
Re: my husband doesn
Posted by allybabba
10/20/2014  3:48:00 PM
I'm in a little different situation ... I'm a guy who has danced for 15 years, intermediate skills. It's been a one-a-week hobby for many years. I just married my partner of 5 years. She hasn't danced much before, but we're taking lessons, she's turning out to be a much quicker study than I ever was ... she's learning fast.

So, it seems like a good deal. This is the situation: she's fine with the dance part, she just doesn't like the social part - for herself. She also doesn't like crowded dance floors.

She's fine with me going dancing by myself - as I have for a few years. However, I'm feeling less comfortable going by myself, largely due to the less favorable reactions of some women dancers. During a mixer, a couple women that didn't know me refused to dance with me more than once (the numbers were fairly even, we were paired up again), even though I kept a respectful distance, and let them have their space. This generally did not happen before, and it was somewhat embarrassing; I assume it was because they saw my ring.

Any thoughts on what is the best way to work this situation? It seems that married women who go dancing without their spouse are not seen with the same suspicion as a guy who does.

Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by tREVOR
10/20/2014  3:39:00 AM
Pretty Paper Roy Orbison
How do you start over Roy Orbison
To soon to Know Roy Orbison
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Trevor
10/20/2014  3:37:00 AM
Mull of kintyre paul mccartney Has a very strong 3/4 time easy to dance to
Swing Jive Out
Posted by O.Z.
10/19/2014  9:58:00 PM
Why in the International Style Latin is the Swing Jive Out.
Swing Jive meaning. Swing side together side to the left. Swing side together side to the right. Ladies the natural opposite
Re: Reverse Corte
Posted by O.K.
10/17/2014  6:22:00 PM
Should mention that there is a Hesitation, or if you like rise and lower on beat three. Ladies step are not the natural opposite.
Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by O.K..
10/17/2014  6:00:00 PM
Nioftofan. Never was a truer word spoken when you mentioned listen to the music. Its amazing how many people who have had lessons have not been told that the Samba has a timing of 3/4. 1/4. 1. We must show the 1. Or that the Chasse in the Cha Cha is 1/2. 1/2. 1. Again we must show a clear 1. Or the Jive is 3/4 . 1/4. 1. Maybe some of the teachers are are still with the original I.S.T.D. Technique Book which failed to draw attention to the beat values. Which is a pity that they instead of getting Walter Laird`s book, which does in no uncertain manner instruct us to the correct step values. They didn`t. Hers is a test. Put a Disk on. It doesn`t matter if its a Cha Cha or a Waltz. Have a pencil and paper ready. After the Four Bar introduction put a tick for every bar of music counted right to the end of the disk. Record it. Then count again. If you come up with the same number you`ve done very well.
DMAES Summer BootCamp
Posted by Maria Ins
10/16/2014  4:07:00 AM
Get yourselves ready for DMAES Summer BootCamp in 2015.
Salsa, Tango, Bachata and many many more.

See the promotional video here:

Re: Irene Castle
Posted by Sharon Burns
10/15/2014  1:02:00 PM
I know of someone who is looking for this painting. Do you have any idea who the current owner is?
Re: Question for studio owners and/or manager???
Posted by Jeff
10/15/2014  12:29:00 PM
We use MindBody Online. It's very comprehensive and has all the things we need to use. Take the time to set it up correctly and create processes for using it the right way and it will serve you well.
Re: Hair Jewelry
Posted by waltzquilt
10/14/2014  9:54:00 PM
Here's a link to a tutorial on how to make the jewelry that was very helpful. http://ballroomchick.com/2013/04/01/make-your-own-ballroom-dancing-jewelry/
Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by davecarty
10/13/2014  7:58:00 PM
I've been a dancer for many years, first with West Coast Swing, which I continue to love to this day, and now with international ballroom. But I remember well how it felt to be a newcomer in a room full of social dancers that I thought were "experts." I was terrified to get on the floor with them.

It helped me a lot when I realized that people were only watching the good dancers, not the bad dancers like me. And second, after I became a good dancer myself (not great, perhaps, but good), I began to realize that most of the people I had considered "experts" were really only a figure or two and a couple lessons ahead of me.

My final realization, however, was the most important, and that was this: dancing is supposed to be fun, but it's NOT supposed to be easy. And it simply is not. It is hard to learn because it IS hard to learn -- or at least it is if you want to progress beyond a very basic level. You learn incrementally, and over time, you improve. That's the way it works for everyone, no exceptions -- even those guys on the youtube videos that we all watch.

Competition dancing is a whole different animal. But If you have a good instructor and you can find the time to practice once or twice a week, you'll be much better than 90% of the people on a social dance floor in just a year or two.

And you can take that to the bank.
You`ve Been Spammed
Posted by nloftofan1
10/10/2014  8:04:00 AM
"BUY FAKE PASSPORT" messages show up in all (or at least many) forums.
Basic Movements
Posted by tanamarie213
10/7/2014  6:19:00 AM
Hello, I am a very, very new dancer....only 8 weeks now. I live in Fayetteville Arkansas and have found an instructor. I am looking for something like a dance camp for beginners. Does such exist? If so, I would greatly appreciate any information regarding dance camp options for Pre-Bronze beginners.

Thank you
Re: Dance Studio Owner asking for $$$
Posted by MichaelPreston
10/7/2014  12:57:00 AM
Instead of finding all these manual, I think you should use smart app
that will help you find the available options to you.
Re: Membership
Posted by Administrator
10/4/2014  10:29:00 AM
There is a comparison of the various levels of membership here:

There are only two levels of membership: A free Basic membership, and Premium membership -- the latter of which is $99 to join and $79 per year thereafter. Discounts are available if you purchase two or three years at once. Non-members can view the entire written syllabus, plus narrated video demos of the beginning bronze syllabus. Basic members can view beginning and intermediate bronze video demos, and Premium members can view everything, including full bronze, silver and gold syllabus video demos, all previous variations of the week with full instructional videos, and, as of recently, a collection of full instruction videos for some of the bronze syllabus patterns -- about 30 as of the writing of this message, and with more being added every week.

You can also see the most recently added instructional videos here:

Check back frequently, because many of the premium instructional videos are initially released free to the public for a limited time (usually 1-2 weeks). After that, they become available only to premium members.

Also, coming very soon: A complete website overhaul, with an updated look, *much* greater detail in the man's and lady's technical charts (footwork, rise & fall, alignments, amounts of turn, etc), pop-up hints, an upgrade to the printable charts, and more. To take a sneak peek, visit:

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Membership
Posted by Telemark
10/4/2014  10:10:00 AM

There's a link on every page.
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