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Style: Social / Nightclub Latin
Music: Up-tempo Latin music
Meter: 4/4
Tempo: 160 - 220 beats per minute
Basic Rhythm: Quick-Quick-Slow

Footwork: Steps in all directions are normally taken first with the ball of the foot in contact with the floor, and then with the heel lowering when the weight is fully transferred.

Hip Movement: In Salsa, the hip action is usually relaxed and subtle, especially for men. Weight is normally placed onto a slightly bent knee.

Arm Styling: In general, arms are held at or slightly above waist level. Arm movements should always be a natural result of the movement of the rest of the body. When arms are deliberately positioned or waved around, they look contrived and unnatural. Always allow the arms to react naturally to body movement.

When dancing Salsa, stand upright with weight held forward towards the balls of the feet. Like the basic Latin hold, the Salsa hold is compact, with partners standing slightly apart. The lady's right hand and man's left hand can be joined either in an upper-hand clasp, or with man underhand. The man's right hand is either placed on the lady's left shoulder blade or on her hip. The lady's left arm is rested lightly on his right arm. It should be noted that the Salsa hold is considerably more relaxed than the basic Latin hold, allowing for more freedom of arm movement.

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