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    American Style Tango
    Tango Variation 1
    Tango Variation 1
    At a Glance

    8-Count Basic with Tango Close to Promenade Position. Promenade with Right Turn to Outside Swivel with man's fake. Skaters' Walks, Left-Turning Rock to Promenade, Lady's Underarm Turn to Left to Outside Check with Gancho. Switch to Same-Foot Lunge with Gancho, then switch back to Outside Check with Gancho. Outside Swivel.

    This variation features a number of interesting elements. There are a few clever foot fakes for the man, transitioning from opposite foot to same foot and back. There are also a couple of Argentine Tango-inspired elements, including a compact, top-in hold and a set of leg hooking actions called Ganchos. Overall the difficulty is quite high, especially for the man. But the results can be stunning, and well worth the effort. It is versatile and works well as both a social variation and a show piece.

    The amalgamation begins with a simple 8-Count Basic, turning to promenade position at the end of the Tango Close. This is followed by 4four steps of a Promenade with Right Turn, counted "slow, quick quick slow". The fourth step is taken with man's right side leading, setting up for an Outside Swivel. While leading the lady to dance the Outside Swivel, the man closes his right foot to his left, quietly changing weight to end on the same foot as the lady.

    Skaters' Walks, also known as Same-Foot Walks, are taken with man and lady on the same foot. Following the lady's Outside Swivel with the man's fake, they are both standing on the right foot and perfectly prepared to dance a set of Skaters' Walks, starting with the left foot. Each walk is taken diagonally forward, lady stepping in front of the man on the left foot walk, while man steps in front of lady on the right foot walk. The video shows two pairs of walks, counted "slow, slow, slow, slow", but any number of paris of walks can be danced -- 1, 2, 3, etc. The last walk should be on the right foot, ending in a very relaxed Same-Foot Lunge position.

    To return to closed position with partners once again on opposiet feet, the man must fake once more, this time by leaidng the lady to take two steps as he takes one. He does this by turning to the left while beginning to move his weight toward his left foot, causing the lady to step on to her left foot. As he continues turning and completes his first step to his left foot, she is caused to take a second step onto her right foot, returning to closed position for the completion of a Turning Rock to Left. This action takes a total of 3 beats, counted "quick, quick, quick".

    Turning to Promenade, the man then leads the lady to dance an Underarm Turn to Left, 5 steps, counted as all "quicks". At the completion of the lady's turn, the man steps forward on his right foot outside partner, checked. This can be done with an added back bend for the lady, or with a "Gancho", where the lady hooks her right leg around the man's right leg. Or, as shown in the video, both at the same time. It is also perfectly acceptable to dance just the check by itself. As shown, it is taken over two "slow" counts, one for the back bend, and one to recover the lady to an upright position.

    The man then leads the lady to step forward and side (similar to steps 4-5 of an Open Right Turn) while he steps back, closing his right foot to his left without weight -- another fake -- to return to the same foot as lady. He then steps side as she steps back, both on the right foot, into a Same-Foot Lunge. And once again, she can optionally hook her leg, this time her left around his right, for a second Gancho. This gancho, too, is optional. The three steps are counted "quick, quick, slow".

    They then return to the original outside partner position for a third Gancho ("quick, quick, slow"), concluding the variation with a simple Bronze Outside Swivel ("slow, slow"). Note the absence of a Tango Close at the end. Its omission is deliberate, because the variation phrases nicely without it. But one could ultimately conclude with a Tango Close, if the variation is followed either by two consecutive Tango Closes, or perhaps a simple 8-Count Basic.


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