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Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/6/2008  7:59:00 AM
There is a huge philosophical divide between mambo ( the forerunner ) and Salsa .

There are those who adamantly believe that they are 2 different dances .

There is an old Cuban saying " All salsa is Mambo.. but.. not ALL Mambo is Salsa " . That makes reference more towards the music, than the dance styles .

There is a World Champ. event in mambo held every yr in Miami.

Salsa has several contenders, primarily because it has no parent body. subsequently, there are at least 3 claimants to the title at any given moment .

There is a gradual return to the more traditional style of the genre ( I have 2 seperate teachers coming to me next week for training in mambo )
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/6/2008  3:41:00 PM
Terence. World wide which would you say is the more popular, or the most danced.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/7/2008  12:24:00 AM
Salsa........ No contest
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Ladydance
9/7/2008  9:14:00 AM
Mambo is harder because it is danced on the second beat. Most people end up doing salsa because the first beat is so obvious and easy to dance on. Mambo takes some concentration.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/7/2008  4:24:00 PM
Terence. The IDTA embraces Salsa. The Salsa championships that have been shown on Cable would have taken a lot of organising. I don't see how you can say they have no parent body.
Personely I'm not intersted in either. But it is interesting to know all the facts.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/8/2008  12:04:00 AM
I know, Im a Fellow with them.. the UKA also has Salsa on its syllabii.

I had a long discussion with the head examiner for one the Soc., and he did approach one of the very high profile teachers, who rejected inclusion by exam into the Soc.

I thought the Q was about Mambo ?.. was it more popular, and I said no.

The salsa taught in B/Room schools is being totally rejected by the general populace, which organises every major Comp. in salsa, world wide .

Its a very complex subject.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Luis57
10/13/2009  10:28:00 AM
Well, I have just returned from vacationing in Puerto Rico. Went dancing at a very upscale night club and to my surprise everyone there was dancing merengue to Cha Cha steps! It actually is a lot of fun to do so, because you can hardly get a DJ to play Cha Cha Cha at night clubs anymore! Even though these dances are as different as "Chalk and Cheese", it can be done. Try it!
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Someone
7/7/2008  1:59:00 PM
I would have to agree with you Indy Spinner. Hustle is an awesome dance. Us NORMAL and non-ignorant women thoroughly enjoy the hustle. I appreciate you taking a stand because this "jj" is really just trying to make a fool out of all of us real dancers. Telling others not to go to Arthur Murray, not to hustle, and who knows what else. Thanks!
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by jofjonesboro
7/7/2008  6:22:00 PM
Someone, the only person who can make a fool of you is yourself.

You're welcome.

Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by "Serious" Dancer
7/8/2008  10:48:00 AM
News flash, JJ, to many of us "serious dancers" you are coming off as a complete snob...an ignorant one. Don't be ridiculous, and don't accuse Terence of "butting heads" with you when you. You are what is known as a "baiter".

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