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Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by sheluvs2tango
7/17/2009  9:32:00 PM
Hero and You and Me are great V. Waltzes but looking for slow waltz.
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Lizeebie
2/3/2008  4:06:00 PM
Viennese Waltz - "Show Me The Way" by Styx
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by owendancer
2/5/2008  5:25:00 AM
Kathy Mattea "The slender threads that bind us here"
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by GailMelander
2/5/2008  4:49:00 PM
How can I listen and download a slow waltz?
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by 5lisamarie
2/5/2008  10:07:00 PM
BetterLateThanNevah.........It is Billy Preston and Syretta that recoded that song.................it's playing right now in my head!
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by dheun
2/6/2008  1:16:00 PM
For something fast, that almost is better for Viennese, a great song is "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Julianne Hough and Helio Castroneves chose that song for their wonderful V Waltz on Dancing with the Stars. So it is a tad faster than a traditional waltz.
Another one by Billy Preston and Syretta would be "With You I'm Born Again." This is a great one for a slow waltz, one I have used when teaching newlyweds for their first dance.
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Bobby
10/11/2008  9:32:00 AM
Can I have this dance - Anne Murray
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by DivaGinger
10/11/2008  12:18:00 PM
Un Giorno Por Noi... but it's LONG
Un Dia Llegara, both of these by Josh Groban- he had a few others I can't think of at the moment but they're "weird"- you have to think/improvise, something the partner balks at because Alex Moore inside his head tells him to focus on syllabus instead ( )

Also off the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron soundtrack there were several.

Mannheim Steamroller's Fresh Aire 8 has "Waterfalls", too.
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Ralph
10/14/2008  2:39:00 PM
A few off the beaten path:

-- "The End of August" by Yanni (I'd go with one of his shorter versions of the song, tho...)

-- "Kind of Woman" by Stevie Nicks (just because she's not one you'd automatically think of doing a waltz)

-- "Caribbean Blue" by Enya

-- "You're My #1" by Enrique Iglesias
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by bridetryingtodance
10/14/2008  1:51:00 PM
Hello all - I wonder if you can help. I'm trying to find what dance would be best to try to do for our 'first dance' at our wedding next year to Built to Last by Melee... we really like the song but not sure what we could do to it - would it be a waltz?

Thanks for any help!

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