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Re: Smart phone compatibility?
Posted by Guest
6/6/2012  12:07:00 PM
So, you do not currently have a mobile app avaialble for purchase?
Re: Smart phone compatibility?
Posted by Administrator
6/6/2012  9:48:00 PM
A true app is on the way. In the meantime, we have what Apple calls a "Mobile Web App", which looks and acts just like a real app on the iPhone, but under the hood it's actually a fancy web page. The main difference between the two, practically speaking, is in how you acquire them.

With a real app, you open iTunes either on your iPhone or iPad, or on your computer with the device plugged in. Search the store for the app and once you find it, you click the "Purchase" button to download it, and then it automatically appears on your home screen.

With a mobile web app, you first use mobile Safari to visit our website, https://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/. You then click the export/send icon on the menu bar, and select "Add to Home Screen". An icon will then be added to your home screen, just like a regular app.

Once you start using our mobile web app, you'll see for yourself that it doesn't function very differently than a normal app. The main drawback to the web app, and it's small, is that transitions from one screen to the next lack the slick animations of a real app. That's about it. Try at and see for yourself... Why not? It's free!

If you don't like the web app, a real app is in the works. Unfortunately I don't have a date I can commit to yet, but we'll keep you posted. Just so you know, when we do release it in the iTunes store, the app will be free to download. But, like the website, there will be some free content and some premium content. An in-app purchase function will allow you to upgrade to a premium membership, and the price will be the same as our website. Your upgrade on the website will apply to the app and vice-versa.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Smart phone compatibility?
Posted by dtauro
11/15/2012  10:06:00 AM
I followed your instructions for the mobile "APP" and added it to my Home Screen on my iPhone - however, when I try to log in it indicates an error and I should contact support. I am a premium subscriber and should be able to view on my smartphone. Correct?? Next steps?
Re: Smart phone compatibility?
Posted by Waltz123
11/15/2012  8:32:00 PM
Help is here!

Login errors are almost always related to one of two things: (1) security settings, or (2) cookies or improper caching of login data. On iOS, these are both relatively easy to fix.

First, check your security settings. From your home screen, tap on Settings, then Safari. Under Privacy, make sure private browsing is turned off, and accept cookies is set either to "always", or "from visited". If that checks out, then click on the "clear cookies and data" button. That should do it!

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Smart phone compatibility?
Posted by dtauro
11/16/2012  5:19:00 AM
That worked like a dream! Thank you so much!
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