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Dancing with the stars..
Posted by social dancer
6/16/2005  9:06:00 AM
Who watched last night's episode ? What did you think ?
I really enjoyed it. Sad that Evander had to leave.
Re: Dancing with the stars..
Posted by random dancer
6/16/2005  11:07:00 AM
I'm not sad about Evander having to leave. He should have been booted off last week.

It's really good to see that the show has taken off. I read an article this morning in USA Today talking about how ballroom dancing is starting to get bigger here in the U.S.

Generally, I like the show. I hate when the dances try to be too showy and don't incorporate enough of the basics of the dance. That's what got Evander booted...he wasn't dancing the jive. Joey's "jive" wasn't a whole lot better. I think I liked Kelly and Alec's jive the best. Followed closely by Rachael and Jonathon's tango.

As an amatuer male student myself, however, I'm still pulling for John O'Hurley to win it all. He has the toughest battle of all of them.
Re: Dancing with the stars..
Posted by Dronak
6/16/2005  9:28:00 PM
I missed the first week or two, but caught last night's episode and the repeat that preceded it. This is a dance competition, right? Sorry, but Hollyfield had to go. I give him credit for doing it, he's not the kind of person you'd expect to see doing ballroom, but he's just not a good dancer. He's way too heavy on his feet, a bit of a surprise considering that for boxing he's constantly on his toes, shifting weight back and forth. *shrug* But that quickstep looked like he was walking, no real power in the steps, and the jive had no real bounce and energy. Even my mother said that votes for him were pity votes. It was kind of fun to watch him, but the others are better dancers and this is a competition. He probably passed last week because fans wanted to see him more. With the fans and judges each getting half of the total score, the uninformed popular vote can easily outweigh the informed judges' votes.

I'm glad to see some ballroom dancing on TV again. It's been a while since Championship Ballroom Dancing aired. It's kind of interesting to see how the stars do with such short periods of intensive training to learn the dances. I think they're generally doing a good job. I'm kind of pulling for O'Hurley, too. He seems to be doing a really good job especially considering the circumstances.
Re: Dancing with the stars..
Posted by Anonymous
6/16/2005  9:53:00 PM
Is it just me or have the pros now in week three figured out that they have to put more basic, characteristic ballroom elements into the routines than they were doing the first week? We're starting to see things that actual look a bit like the subject dances.

Joey's outfit was cute, but if he's going to do retro, Ashley can't be in spandex...
Re: Dancing with the stars..
Posted by operabob
6/16/2005  11:46:00 PM
Evander deserves credit for doing his job:

A fish out of water that drew the audience.

People were drawn to watch him make a fool of himself. He didn't.

O'Hurley's the draw now. A guy laughing and having a good time. That's what will keep the audience.

Now if only they could get rid of the dead air time.

"Let's see how long we can be quiet, while we attempt to build up anticipation, waiting to announce who's staying while we play insipid quasi-Who Wants to Be a Millionaire music in the background." It's forced and boring.

Oh! and the Italian judge too! Dump him. Simon Cowell would do a better job. Get Simon!

OB the Un-Opinionated

PS: Who does that song "Toxic". Interesting.
Re: Dancing with the stars..
Posted by Laura
6/17/2005  1:04:00 AM
"Toxic" was originally done by Britney Spears.
Re: Dancing with the stars..
Posted by Lucy
6/17/2005  6:57:00 AM
Hello Everybody!

I'm from Poland (Europe).

Somewhere 2 weeks ago a Polish version of this programe has finished. I loved it! I didn't miss any episode. I recommend to visit web site (unfortunately in Polish only) and watch the dancers and dances:

If you have web site of your competition, I would watch it with pleasure.


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