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So You Think You Can "Fix" Dance
Posted by operabob
8/4/2005  5:45:00 PM
Anyone watching "So You Think You Can Dance"? It does have a Ballroom element.

Before I give my opinion let me say first I'm enjoying watching a lot of people considerably more gifted than myself.

BUT! I think after the result of "Dancing With The Stars" this is just another flim flam of the general public. Reasoning:

1. They wanted a villian for the audience to hate. I don't think the "professional" auditioned. He was recruited as a villian setting up the underdog routine again. The audience will tune in just to see the arrogant $%#@@&^% get knocked off in the final.

2. Last night we had the "professional" being interviewed where he stated one of the choreographers "wasn't as good" as himself. The final sequence was a preview of next week's show of the "professional" being brought before the board of choreographers who inform him "Didn't you think we'd scan all tapes? How smart was it to make comments like that against a choreographer."

Caught like the arrogant rat he is!

Never mind that just before that there was several minutes of one or more choreographer(s) going on about how the blond was "totally talentless".

I guess they didn't think she'd watch the show.

Bring on the underdog!

Other opinions?

Re: So You Think You Can "Fix" Dance
Posted by Annie
8/11/2005  12:42:00 AM
yeah OB, ure right about the professional, hes just an actor paid to do this. why the heck would they put a professional dancer on the show? the shoz is supposed to make these people dance professionnally !!!!
plus the guy is the perfect arrogant person, he brings a dog who poops everywhere to his room.
anyway some of the dancers are really good and they are enjoyable to watch, its just the whole drama around it thast annoying. in dancing with the stars, the drama element was really small, and there was greater dancing.

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