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Posted by Ralph
12/19/2005  9:34:00 AM
Since the show stirred some discussion on the board last summer, I thought I'd toss out that ABC TV is bringing back its "Dancing with the Stars" show to American television, starting January 5.

TLC also airs (Friday nights) a show with a *similar* premise, but using Jane/Joe Doe instead of celebrities. Personally, I find this variation to be something of an improvement, as the Does are (generally) using ballroom to make some change in their lives. This show was given the regrettable name of "Ballroom Bootcamp." Since I don't recall this show ever having been mentioned on the list, I thought I should mention it as well. A word of warning though: TLC gives out a trophy to its winner which I, at least, have a hard time imaging anybody would actually *want* to put on their mantle....

Re: Television
Posted by bee
12/19/2005  12:53:00 PM
I agree - I have been watching this and it is a lot of fun - the other part I ike about it is watching the teachers' different teaching/dancing styles
Ballroom Bootcamp
Posted by Waltz123
12/19/2005  9:26:00 PM
I was on the December 5th episode of Ballroom Bootcamp, for those who recorded it. I was the partner for Lori (stay-at-home mom, yellow dress). You won't see much of me until the end of the episode, but it was still fun to be a part of the process.

A little "behind the scenes" anecdote for you:

There's a scene right after Lori has been introduced to me, where she's literally in tears because I have a completely different "style" than her teacher. Actually, all I asked her to do was stand up straight. Her teacher had spent the previous month forcing her to lean back so far, I couldn't take a step without being pulled right over the top of her. Unfortunately, I only had one day to work with her before the competition, so it was tough to fix. But we did our best. Still, the differences in (ahem) "style" between her teacher and I did freak her out, and it made for good TV I guess.

Just though you guys might get a kick out of that one.

Re: Ballroom Bootcamp
Posted by bee
12/20/2005  8:44:00 AM
I remember that one - I was really surprised she won - it must have be all you....:)
Re: Ballroom Bootcamp
Posted by Laura
12/20/2005  9:27:00 AM
I think you did a great job dancing in the competition with Lori! I was quite excited when they brought out her Professional partner and it was you!

I couldn't figure out why her initial teacher had her going back so far, it was like he was going for the "look" -- but the student was so new that she just hadn't developed the strength or awareness or flexibility to really do it, and so was just leaning backwards. I think people can learn a lot in five weeks (it's been demonstrated on the show many times), but going for that full-on stretched-out Pro Standard hold is rather much, especially since newbie women usually achieve it by just leaning backwards and so never find their own feet.

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