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Re: re: !!! Where you born to Hip Hop !!!
Posted by muffy
1/14/2006  5:33:00 AM
hi am new to this site so: i am 12 Im been doing hip hop sins 5 years old
re: !!! Where you born to Hip Hop !!!
Posted by peetjedanst
10/13/2003  2:51:00 AM
hi big-sexy,
my dancestory: I started to dance when I was about 8 or 9 years old (I don't know exactly). I did jazzballet then. My mother danced folklore. I once went to look to that. I was excited: that was really cool! I wanted to dance folklore, so that's what I did. When I was of the age of 11/12, the group I danced in was became to young for me: I was the oldest (and the tallest) and I didn't like that. Me little sister was the oldest after me. So I felt old. and my level was higher than the level of the rest. So I stopped (there wasn't an other group to dance in). My parents knew that I liked ballroomdancing and latindancing by then, so they had a surprise for me: I was allowed to do that kind of dancing! I was 12 years old. Now I'm 17 (almost 18: 20th of november is my birthday) and I still dance ballroom and latin (not competition). Next sunday I am going to a competition (just to look) and I am really looking forward to it. I don't have lessons on this moment, while the danceschool I used to dance, stopped the lessons on saturday. My dancepartner and I are now looking for an other danceschool.
Dancing is very important to me. If I can make it, I dance on wednesday, thursday, saturday and sunday. I used to have no self-confidence, but when I started dancing (the ballroom-and latindancing) I got it more and more. Now I have enough self-confidence and I am very happy about it. On www.tdbs.is.nl there are quotes. A few of them ("Dance to Live, or Live to Dance?", "Dancing is Life, everything else is just details", "Why walk when you can dance?" and "If your not dancing, your wasting your feet!") are very good. It's kind of mine impression of life and dancing. You see: dancing is really important to me. And I hope there are lots of people who think that too. Dancing is important and I hope it will become more popular (in the Netherlands (that's where I live) 200 of the 700 danceschools are closed last year. That's really pity.)
re: !!! Where you born to Hip Hop !!!
Posted by Big-Sexy
10/13/2003  8:17:00 AM
Aight good guys, thanks for replying, So far you three people have replied and told you dance story. And peetjedanst, like you said, dance helps you, no matter what type you take, and so far everyone relpied takes ballroom, and that's kool. But if you ever got tired of doing that, Hip-Hop is the ****, HAHA. But Hip Hop is made from your own style, you move the way you want to, instead of being told how to move. But try it one day. Aight well I'll holla at ya'll Thursday
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