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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by Anonymous
2/7/2007  8:15:00 PM
Maybe we expect too much from our dance teachers. Most only have a high school education at best. Their main education is in dance. Most live in some type of isolated bubble that includes other dancers. Most can talk ok since they are required to teach, but their skills with handling students, the public, and other problematic areas are not so good. They are still put on a pedestal since most can dance well. But their life and other skills may be sadly lacking. There is one high level breed of teacher that teaches competition and coachs competitors and then there is the entertaining studio clown pros. Dance teachers are really just regular guys and what skills they have are mostly limited to dance only. We should't expect much from them. The shenanigans expressed on this thread probably is a sample of the goings ons at most dance studios.
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by billymarsh
10/3/2012  7:16:00 AM
I think some of you are missing the point. It seems likely that the relationship started while she was a MINOR and he was a teacher at her school.

If she was just a regular 18 yr old girl that he met at a gym then it's nothing illegal about it. Creepy? yes but that's their lives.
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by billymarsh
10/5/2012  7:26:00 AM
My dance teacher hates me .?" - Find the ... rude she is . 4 minutes ago; - 4 days left to answer. ... Language games for high school students.
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by Nanron
2/7/2007  11:39:00 AM

These comments are so American - and so wrong.... why is the woman's JOB, his LOOKS and the fact that someone was chasing someone part of the 'problem'? She obviously was interested in a shy quiet man. His relationship with his wife was not as strong as it was thought to be, and so she stepped in and acclerated the process. Why not be happy for them? Of three people, now two are happy. That's a good percentage, don't you think?

Looks and income only have meaning to onlookers - true love does not take into account bank accounts ...
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by maori-chick
2/18/2007  4:01:00 PM
that is so stupid im mean something like that has happend here in hastings before but the teacher wasn't a dance teacher at all she just had an affair with a student because they were in love and she got put away in jail then 20 years later they got married and had 3 childern togeather.
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by Anonymous
1/5/2009  1:05:00 PM
That was greatly worded. Its true. . .this kind of thing is not exclusive to the dance world. It happens everywhere. . .at work. . .at church. And it really is no one's business but the people involved. crap happens, let people move forward with their lives
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by pivotingfool
11/6/2009  11:00:00 AM
I have dance friends who have danced together for decades, and somehow kept their marrages together.

However, dance can be a huge problem because unless the man is really good, his wife will soon know all of his moves. How can any man keep it "New and exciting" for fourty years?

Sooner or later a person comes along that puts the, "New and exciting" back in the dance. This is when people must slap themselves upside the head and remember that, "New and Exciting" can't last forever.

Even the smalleat of problems in a marrage get magnified when you are dancing with a, "New and Exciting" person.

And before we go too far with blaming the men, I know lots of women who leave their husbands, and even their children, for a "New and exciting" male dance partner.

Women more often leave a husband who does not dance at all, but they also leave a husband who is no longer exciting to dance with.

The fact is that learning to dance together is a great way to prepare for marrage. (if you can get through dance lessons---

Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by diamonte
11/8/2009  5:48:00 PM
I agree with Ellen, the situation is not anyones business. I can recall a similar situation involving a married couple whose marriage was clearly on the rocks, the reason they joined a ballroom and latin dance school was to give them something to do other than work together, it didn't take long for the man to have a roving eye, quite a few of the young ladies ignored him, except one whom he became very close to. The director of the studio and some teachers and students not only confronted this girl but also shamed her to the ballroom and dance world, which we all know is quite small. It was wrong of everyone who got involved if anything their involvement caused more pain and confusion. This was a private matter, yes it unfolded in front of everyone but at the same time it was nobody's business. The wife left, then the husband about 6 months later but the girl stayed, she was ostracised by almost everyone. It was really quite sad. Someones relationship/friendship/association is not to be judged or speculated. Its no one's business.
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by A Bystander
10/1/2012  12:49:00 PM
It's sad to see so much judgment being passed on this situation. I agree with other people who said that these kinds of situations happen everywhere and in all walks of life. One spouse leaves another for the co-worker, her dentist, his neighbour, the best friend, the teacher, the student, the boss, the patient and the list goes on. This one just happened to be in the dance world.

Who are we to judge How, When and Where people fall in love? Not all relationships are meant to last forever. It's a fact of life, not something that should be viewed as shameful, outrageous or whatever you want to call it. Sure, people get hurt because we're humans: he have emotions. But given the choice between staying in a relationship that doesn't work anymore and finding happiness with a new person - which would you choose? (assuming you're not a masochist)

Also, why point the finger of blame at the person who instigated the alleged breakup? BOTH people are responsible for their actions. The person who leaves their spouse is equally responsible because they made that choice consciously. They weren't drugged and forced to make that decision at gunpoint. And if those choices lead to a happier life, who are we to get all moralistic about it? It's their life! And their business, not yours! How would you feel if everybody around you criticized YOU for the choices you made in life (regardless of how big or small)? If you're feeling outraged by it all then you need to ask yourself why it's triggering that kind of response in YOU. You will most likely find that it's pushing one of your sensitive buttons in which case, that's an issue you need to address in your own life vs project it onto someone you barely know.

Get off your high horses and get a life. Focus on bettering your own life vs judging other people and their choices. Instead, you should aim to respect other people's choices and hope that it works out for the best for all involved because in retrospect everything happens for a reason.
Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by O.Z.
10/2/2012  6:02:00 PM
This is happening everyday not just with Ballroom Dance Teachers. How about the Tennis Coach and pupil. Or a secretary and her boss. Is there any difference there. Thats life.
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