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re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by David
8/1/2000  1:43:00 PM
To all of those searching for an inexpensive tailsuit, I just discovered the following on the MIT ballroom club site:
Name: Boris Berdnikov
Email: berdn@mit.edu
Subject: Tails source

Don't take it as a commercial... well, all right, please do.
You can have a made-to-order tailsuit for a VERY reasonable price (under $300) if you order it outside US... not in England, though. Specifically, MIT team ordered some in Russia, and people seemed to like them a lot. Send me an e-mail if you're interested and I'll give you the details including names of people who already used
this opportunity and seem to be quite happy with the result).


I also am unable to confirm the quality or lack of quality of material or workmanship. You are on your own. Boris may also be unavailable until the fall semester begins. If so, maybe someone else from the MIT team could help you.

re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by David
7/31/2000  4:21:00 PM
Forget it, the results are always unsatisfactory, there is not enough material to do what is needed. The arm holes in the jacket are not cut right. They are cut too large and it is impossible to correct this without the result looking terrible. Other seams are not in the correct orientation and so are also not correctable. I would feel bad if I didn't warn you that you are wasting your time. This is why you will see so many vests and cardigans at dance socials. If you must have a jacket, then get a pattern of a man's soft jacket and take it to a tailor or seamstress and have them make you one. Most of the pattern makers such as Buttrick have such a pattern. Get light material as suggested on the included instructions and have the tailor make the modifications to the sleeve openings, the design usually does not include shoulder pads so this will not require a change. Good luck.
re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by BillS
7/31/2000  1:40:00 PM
I don't need tails, but would like to get or modify suit jackets and/or sportcoats for social dancing. My regular ones do not look good in dance frame; the shoulders bunch up and the front pulls apart.

Does anyone sell appropriate jackets? Are there things I should tell my tailor to do to modify my existing coats or should I start with a larger size or different style (e.g., no shoulder pads, softer construction, double breasted) and have him modify it.


re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by Sriram Shankar
7/25/2000  10:25:00 AM
To add to the melee...

I had my tailsuit tailored by ONIK and I have no complaints. I have heard people mention Ron Gunn is better, in fact I know he is among the best. He was honored at the Heritage Classic last year (or may be at the Ohio Star) for his contribution to the world of Dancesport. But I won't fault ONIK's style either. People are bound to have differing opinions on this, so make your best judgement on with whom you would like it made. ONIK is about $100-200 cheaper I believe, but Ron Gunn has that established reputation that everyone swears by..

Regarding getting measurements, ONIK sends you a chart (not sure Ron does) of necessary measurements. You can take them to a local seamstress and get them measured. But I would suggest taking it to one of their representatives because the tail-coat has to be tailored specifically for dancers to avoid the shoulder pad protruding while in dance position - the measurements are therefore different from a typical tux. Designs by Lyn (online at DesignsbyLyn.com I think) often sets stand at many events and they can measure you for free and send it to Ron (or you can fax it in). That is another option. If you are near an impending event, go there and get it measured there. That would be the best and safest option, and avoid you much heartache and expense afterwards.

Lastly, buy a previously-owned (or vintage ) tail-coat and get it altered. That will cost you a full $4-500 less and will look as great. Try that option if you like, look in the classifieds section on this site or on dancescape.com.

Good luck.


re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by huesmann
7/14/2000  5:18:00 PM
I agree with david about Onik. Or at least that his suits are not always perfect. I do concur that the grade of wool is a bit heavy.

I would suggest Ron Gunn (if you can get Ron himself to do the suit, otherwise it's apparently hit-or-miss with his flunkies), or even better, Arthur Ashmore.

re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by weddingdance
12/10/1999  9:14:00 AM
My partner and I are not competing, so his tailsuit is for sale. I'm asking $900. It's a 42 jacket, pants are 30x32. It was made in England, and has only been used about 10 times. It comes with cummerbund, shirt, collar, suspenders.
Otherwise, Onik is the way to go. I've seen his work, he's great.
Lee Ann
re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by Cecilia
5/1/2000  2:42:00 PM
I have a friend who is selling two of his tailsuits. They are both in very good condition. One of them is only used three times because it was to big for him. You can e-mail him at rolfhelena@hotmail.com
re: Finding a Tailcoat
Posted by david
5/2/2000  8:27:00 AM
Forget ONIK. I bought a tuxedo from him and it cost me $250US to correct the design errors. The sewing quality was very good, the material was too heavy a grade of wool. He had nothing lighter. Go to Ron Gunn of the UK, he has measure at home service also. He knows how to cut the suit to make you look tall and thin as well as have the look of a good topline. He also offers lifetime alterations. He occasionally sends reps to the US comps and the Bakers from Florida are US reps for him and they attend most of the comps in the US.
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