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C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by Ghostdancer
4/3/2002  1:58:00 PM
I have not done much country and western dancing recently, but am wondering about something. I learned that there are two versions of the two step - progressive which is the walk foward on the slow, slow, quick, quick count and this as I best understand is the standard method.

Now, I originally learned what was later called the rhythm two step where there are two side togethers and foward, foward. What I don't know is if the rhythm variety is a local innovation or is a variation of the progresive used throughout the country. I have not danced outside of my local area much, so I don't know.

"Wherever you go, you represent the team. You will talk like, you will look like and you will act like the most dignified professional in your hometown" - Vince Lombardi to his players.

re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by gah2dantz
4/28/2002  4:27:00 PM
The first one you describe is known in the C&W dance community as Two Step. It is characterized by two slow and two quick progressive steps

The other dance you describe sounds like a newer dance form, known either as Progressive Double Two Step, or Triple Two Step. It is characterized by two chasses, followed by two walking steps (1&2, 3&4, 5, 6). Triple Two (as we know it here in Chicago) works well with a lot of the music coming out of Nashville these days that has a "rolling" triple rhythm.
re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by Karen
5/18/2003  4:41:00 PM
I just want to learn how to two step please can you help me! Thanks
re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by Vince A
5/20/2003  7:47:00 AM
Blair, I believe you are 100% correct on what you stated about the triple-2 . . . I didn't want to explain too much as Ghostdancer asked about the 2-step.

Ghostdancer . . . see below:

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