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Revolution in Dance Teaching...
Posted by Serg7000
6/21/2007  1:33:00 PM
Listen up dancers and professional dance educators!

Looking for new approaches to teaching dance? It becomes difficult to manage time and to build an effective curriculum that would work out for you and students? Beginning personal dancing teaching career? Great!


I am a Ballroom and Latin American teacher who owns a personal studio in Russian Federation. I have been teaching dancing for 5 years and I know, as many other experienced dance teachers do, that interaction with people is not an easy thing to do as well as to find new approaches to dance education in order to develop the best skills in our students. Recently, being full of desire to open new horizons and perspectives in dance teaching, I have come across an interesting guide to dance teaching written by Gayle Kassing and Danielle M. Jay that is already mentioned "Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design" (Hardcover) book that became an asset in teaching dance for me personally.

Usually we do not think so deeply about the dance teaching techniques, learners specialties and the main goal of the job we do. As a consequence, on the one hand, we have to repeat many times the same thing in order to make our students understand a particular dancing technique, concept, principle or learn something very well in general. On the other hand, we lose customers who want to achieve a desirable goal in a short period of time that we can not guarantee sometimes because of the absence of proper teaching techniques and strategies in our minds.

Fortunately, I have an extra book that I am goanna sell to anyone who sincerely desires to increase personal knowledge (vision) in the field of dance teaching as well as to expand the number of approaches to dance education used by him/her nowadays.

And I have a few reasons why every teacher both a Ballroom and a Latin American one should definitely get such a book:

#1. A variety of methods and principles of effective dance teaching

#2. Understanding of a student physiology and physiology.

#3. Time management and curriculum design.

#4. Lesson Plan development

#5. A number of units dedicated to particular dance forms such as Modern dance, Jazz, ballet and etc, where common mistakes and failures in dance teaching perfectly described. Simply save your time!

#6. Plus a lot of teaching tricks and pitfalls that should be taken into account while educating.

Cost of the book is 44.99 ONLY. It may seem a lot, but at the same time it's not, simply because this "treasure" will bring you a lot students and a high reputation of an individual who really knows his/her job. Success is guaranteed!

To make sure that my offer is not an online scam or a trick, please copy and paste the Interned address into your browser or click the link below and you will find comprehensive information about payment and shipping. Money back guarantee and return policy within 30 days are provided.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email address serg7000@yahoo.com.


Here is the link

Best regards,
Sergey Vasilyev.
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