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how to keep shoes from smelling?
Posted by whiterose_gs
1/7/2003  4:00:00 AM
Does anyone have any suggestions what to do about dance shoes very soon becoming so smelly i have to open my shoe bag outside to keep my fellow dancers from fainting?

pretty much everyone I know who uses their shoes several times a week seems to have the same problem - I'v etried shoe deodorant but all it seems to do is that they now stink of a mixture of sweat and deodorant, but definetely still smell bad...

any suggestions??
re: how to keep shoes from smelling?
Posted by lia
2/3/2003  7:47:00 PM
I usually have a pedicure once a week( I do it myself), I don't know if you realize that the dead skin on our feet tend to smell... I also use a pomice stone on them every time I shower, to ensure all that stuff comes off, and I also make sure to keep my feet dry at all times (cotton socks) that includes work shoes, sneakers and so forth. Also try silica, you know those little packages that come with new shoes. Also never wear you stockings twice, the dead skin from your feet stick to them. I hope you are not offended by my imput. Huray.. to happy feet! Lia
re: how to keep shoes from smelling?
Posted by hoofer919
1/9/2003  9:52:00 AM
I noticed you're from UK; I'm from USA. I've never seen them in dance stores. I don't know if you call them the same thing, but I get them from a Drug Store/Pharmacy type store. Foot pads are also available in supermarkets (food stores) in the personal hygiene section. The brand name that I buy is Dr. Scholl's (not sure of the spelling).

Regards, Hoofer

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