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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Clary
6/22/2008  4:14:00 PM
It happens sometimes. The more important issue is - how well did the couple recover? That's the true test.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Someone
7/7/2008  1:44:00 PM
Arthur Murray is a world chain. The dance world is ALL about the $. If you want to have the best training, you are going to have to pay. Even dance dresses, shoes, accessories, everything for dancing is expensive. All I have to say is, if dancing isn't what you really want to do, find something else! The only reason why I am at Arthur Murray is because I want to become a Professional dancer. Plus, it's a great outing. You know...they have the parties and our studio has student night out. All the students at our studio and two of the other local Arthur Murrays, go out. I really think that dancing isn't that important to you. If it was you would suck it up and get over it. I am not trying to be mean, but it's the dead truth. In the dance world most people don't get a good glimpse of reality. So this is your dose from me.
Re: showcase fumble
Posted by anymouse
7/7/2008  2:11:00 PM
"What would you say to someone who has spent $1,500 on a showcase number only to experience the instructor forgetting several steps throughout the performance?"

I'd say don't spend that much money on the expectation of performance inconsistent with human nature.

If the experience of preparing for the showcase was worth $1500, then it was a good buy. If it wasn't, then it was a bad buy.

If there's a business foul here, it's not in the very understandable error, but in the marketing of the actual performance as a discrete goal, rather than in selling a good learning opportunity with more enduring rewards.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by jofjonesboro
7/7/2008  3:15:00 PM
anymouse is being too nice.

I'd say that if you are stupid enough to spend $1500 on a showcase performance with your instructor then you pretty much got what you deserve.

How many lessons could you have purchased from an ethical instructor with that money? They're out there but you have to make the effort to find them.

Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Ballroom_Addict
7/8/2008  3:44:00 PM
I'm just reading this now after getting into the AM system for already 10 months. I wish I had read this sooner to gain persepctive and save myself some money before I went in knee deep. But after my first lesson with the studio I feel in love with the atmosphere that it provided and the love of ballroom that I gained day after day.

I started to analyze what I was paying and went to every group class that they offered and it helped me move up in levels..but everyone is different. I've been dancing since I was little and I'm not saying Im a good dancer but you know your abilities. Also, everyone loves to hear they are good at something, you should just be honest with you teacher..if you hear a sales pitch be strong enough to tell them straight up...they probably don't hear that often but it's good to get them back into reality too..just be strong and don't give in all the time

I agree that if you love dancing...you would dance regardless and if the studio that you're in isn't for you then leave...just make sure you keep on dancing

I'm not going to bad mouth AM cause it's open the doors for me in so manyy ways that I never knew possible, and I learned alot about myself and the art of ballroom...it's hard to suck up the cost at times with the cost of living rising but my passion for dance is what keeps me there and the friendships that I've gained.

I've grown fond of my instructor and I can see how people get caught up in some of the BS that some instructors give and feed off your fantasies..just try to be strong..it's hard when you grow an attachment and you can't to close but remind yourself that its their job and if you do care for them and what they have done for you then you wouldn't mind paying for that cost.

it's sad to hear that there isn't many good AM studios out there but in northern CA there are a few and I'm happy I stepped foot into mine...
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Someone
7/8/2008  4:22:00 PM
I agree! Keep Dancing!
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by BallroomDancingRules
7/20/2008  10:01:00 PM
Do you for any chance attend the AM in Hayward?
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Anonymous
8/9/2008  11:50:00 AM
"I've grown fond of my instructor and I can see how people get caught up in some of the BS that some instructors give and feed off your fantasies..just try to be strong..it's hard when you grow an attachment and you can't to close but remind yourself that its their job and if you do care for them and what they have done for you then you wouldn't mind paying for that cost."

If you see that they are just feeding your fantasies, you need to respect yourself enough to separate from people who don't truly care about you, but just pretend to. While you're busy daydreaming about that relationship being real, you could meet someone who actually does care for and like you for who you are, not your money. And you could have an actual relationship, not this teacher/student fantasy. You deserve the real thing! And you won't get it until you stop this nonsense. I was scared by your last line- you care about a person that pretends to care about you, so you'll pay for that?!?! Why don't you go to a studio without all this baggage and use your teacher to teach you only? I am sure they will still care for you as a student, but not everyone will play these cruel games with you. I would be totally creeped out, not attracted to, someone who pretended to like someone they didn't. You are smart enough to know it's not real, but what kind of person is your instructor to go around leading people on? You deserve better- financially, in your dancing, & as a human being.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by rmock
8/9/2008  1:29:00 PM
everyone needs to start somewhere.
yes some studios are very unethical and that is what it is. If you feel you are being taken, trust your instincts. I suggest looking for an area ballroom dance club. You will meet people who take lessons from different studios and thier input and suggestions can be very helpful
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Twinkle
10/2/2008  7:35:00 PM
I've been going to AM for almost three years and I am ashamed to tell my friends how much money I've spent. But I think I have finally had enough. Recently I've been pressured to purchase 8,000 dollars worth of lessons. What bothers me is that I only take one lesson a week and I still have 4 months worth of lessons pre-paid and they are trying to squeeze money out of me already. It is all about money

I am so out of there

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