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Posted by kaiara
5/3/2009  9:40:00 AM
I and my friends sew. I cannot afford a professionally made gown.

But I can follow a pattern.

Is there a source of patterns for basic ballroom style gowns?

For practice, and so that I am comfortable in a skirt of some length, I own several simple ones that I wear every day, which I find has taught me some interesting lessons on how a skirt hangs when going up stairs if your posture is good vs if it is bad! LOL!!

Anyway, anyone know where patterns can be found? I don't find much in the regular pattern books.

Re: Patterns
Posted by Days&Nights
5/3/2009  9:47:00 AM
There is some information on the web but you really need to understand your fabric and costume sewing, etc. Take a look and/or invest in Dancesport Ballgowns (Gown Construction Manual). Their patterns that come with the manual are my primary source for most of my dress patterns. It also gives you insight as to how to do alot of the things you may want to decorate with as well. Also, DancesportImage (laura LaGasse?) has a blog as to her personal experience on construction and patterns of dresses. Good Luck.
Re: Patterns
Posted by kaiara
5/3/2009  10:43:00 AM
Thankyou, this is most helpful and I will see what I can do about ordering this manual.

The second recommendation had a suggested book to find too.

This is very useful!
Re: Patterns
Posted by belleofyourball
5/3/2009  11:38:00 PM
One of the large sewing comapnies has patterns specifically for basic ballroom dresses.

I believe it is McCalls. I will check to be sure tomorrow. I know it isn't Vogue, they are my favorite patterns for all things. Could be Buttericks. Like I said, I'll go look in my patterns tomorrow and let you know.

Good luck with sewing.

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