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Re: Patterns
Posted by kaiara
5/4/2009  5:57:00 AM
I will have to go look for these. Part of my difficulty is that I do not have a typical body shape, and rarely are the commercial patterns designed for an hour glass that is short and very full.

Commercial patterns usually have to be totally redone in the bust and adjusted for a short waist.

But between the advice for the DVD manual and a couple of nice patterns, I should be able to manage a reasonable gown and go from there.

What I really want is the red dress from the dance scene in "The Wedding Planner" with a scoop neck and long sleeves....I LOVE that dress! Given time, I will make a dress based on that inspiration.
Re: Patterns
Posted by Days&Nights
5/4/2009  6:21:00 AM
Then Laura's blog on her experience (passionate sewer and ballroom dancer) will definately help you (dancesport image) as she takes you through her experience of costume making from commercial patterns. Also, Laura is addresses how to fit, change, etc. My first recommendation of the manual with patterns will more than likely be what you want. I've also made commercial patterns into costumes, I just prefer the first recommendation I made to your question as I'm a size 12 but short waisted. Experiment first - with your first shot at making a costume (use material that is similiar but that you don't care about) and then adjust your pattern. I have found that a "body" stand has been an invaluable tool. Good luck and happy sewing!
Re: Patterns
Posted by Meg
6/4/2009  7:12:00 AM
With regards to the manual you talked about: I have been meaning to buy this manual. But only do latin dance and don't want to waste money on the manual if it only covers ballroom dresses. If anyone has the CD, could you tell me what the content of it is, and how much stuff on Latin dresses it covers?

Re: Patterns
Posted by Days&Nights
6/4/2009  1:20:00 PM
Hi Meg (-: The manual/DVD is separate from the patterns. Sold as separate items because some people simply do not require both. I found in mine, a basic princess seamed asymetical latin pattern. Really...once you get the hang of it..you can adjust the pattern and cut the lycra(if your using lycra which is GREAT by the way)to measure or look anyway you want it. My patterns that came to me were princess seam - boat neckline (which I've altered on numerous dresses) a princess seamed halter collar style and the latin asymetrical pattern as part of the ordered pattern package. They are incredibly helpful. And I've been able to adjust my patterns to fit me after making a simple sample. The premise of the manual covers a wide variety of approaches to making a costume from laying out the fabric to putting in a zipper, to bra cups and leotard to decorations and such. I've also used Butterick bathing suit patterns to make latin costumes. Just a thought.
Re: Patterns
Posted by kaiara
6/5/2009  7:49:00 AM
I'm hoping to order the manual today. I am eager to learn to make my own. it looks like fun.

UPDATE: I ordered the manual today, and it was easy enough to do from my hubby's paypal.

I am quite determined to eventually make a dress that looks like the one from the movie The Wedding Planner--the red one from the tango scene--I LOVE that dress.
Re: Patterns
Posted by kaiara
6/10/2009  2:32:00 PM
I got the DVD today, nice clear pictures, straightforward instructions on the special needs of making a dance dress, really appreciate the information on fabric selection.

Most of what this has on it is NOT in any of the sewing books I own, so it is a valuable addition.

Also, I printed the whole thing out and will make a notebook to go with the rest of my sewing materials.

I think I also would like to purchase a pattern from this source, but not just yet. the price of the DVD made hubby wince and I suspect if he saw the information he would say it needed to be longer and more detailed for the price.

I am quite happy with it as it gives me some of the information I have been lacking!!

Re: Patterns
Posted by Days&Nights
6/10/2009  6:12:00 PM
Good to know it met your expectations. I also loved the knowledge sharing of this book. I'm an advanced sewing person - so this was, again, a welcomed addition. Have fun, I know you will.
Re: Patterns
Posted by Days&Nights
6/11/2009  5:40:00 AM
If the price of the DVD made your dear hubby wince, show him a price tag off of a "designer" made ballroom gown - he'll faint - and be more than happy to buy you the patterns! You'll save $$$$ in his eyes! Happy sewing.
Re: Patterns
Posted by kaiara
6/11/2009  11:29:00 AM
I'm afraid not, he would simply say, "we cannot afford that" and that would be the end of it.

However, once I decide on what serger and sewing machine I want he will probably go online and begin his own research, and eventually there will be a commercial machine sitting in my sewing space. The man is a marvel at finding what I want in a durable form and at a price he can accept.

The trick is helping him understand that just because it sews leather does not mean it does what I need it to do! LOL!
Re: Patterns
Posted by rksue
7/1/2009  6:37:00 PM
I found the site with the patterns and manual before i found this message board. I sent the owners an email enquiring if the pattern and manual were still available. From the postings here they must be, but i have had no reply. I cant ring as the cost of the phone call would be astronomical for me, but im really pleased to hear that the information in the dvd is what i am looking for. I have just finished a dress, for a couple so my thirst of extra knowledge is huge. I havent sewn anything like this for over 20 yrs. I will keep emailing until i get a reply to one, maybe my only course of action

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