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Re: Square Dancing, Contra Dancing, Folk Dancing
Posted by Sprachman
12/28/2009  7:47:00 AM

I am still here. Still learning. I am slowly learning A2 in Square Dancing. The Square Dance group I belong to is made up mostly of older people. I am one of the youngest and I'm 52 yrs old!! I don't do the Round Dancing. I just don't have enough time. I am taking line dance lessons at least once a week. Different teachers teach different dances. My partner and I go to one class where they teach mostly beginner dances. I go to another class where they teach beginner-intermediate level dances early in the evening and then intermediate to advanced dances later. I stay as long as there are a few dances I can do. It always amazes me how many people know all the different line dances (there's only 48,000 listed on kick-it). I don't know anyone who teaches the Country Partner dances. When we go to the country dances, we try to pick up the Partner dances. We will do the line and partner dances we know. We do a fairly good Country Two Step. And we'll do the Ballroom stuff when it fits (usually Swing, and Cha Cha's).

Line Dancing is a real challange because there are so many different dances. Line dancing is done to all types of music besides Country. There are line dances to oldies, latin, Irish, and even Hip Hop. The complexity ranges from "Ober-beginner" to advanced. I been doing Line Dancing for over 3 years and I still consider myself a beginner. It is fun when you want to dance and you don't have a partner.

I still think it is great to diversify your dancing. Most dancers like to stay in their little circle (which is fine for their comfort zone but they are missing out on new dance experiences
and meeting new people).

Carey, if you're ever on Long Island, look me up. We'll take you Sqare Dancing, Country Dancing, Contra Dancing, English Country Dancing, or Ballroom Danicing.

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