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Too old to start dance?
Posted by Yruizpn
1/4/2017  10:58:00 AM
Im turning 26 this month and would like to start dance but I feel I may be too old. I dont have hopes to become professional, I just want to dance. There seems to be no adult classes near me, which leads me to believe that starting this late isnt really something that happens. I wanted to start with Ballet but I also want to dance Contemporary, Jazz, lyrical, is any of this possible this late in the game?
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by Jocelyne
1/4/2017  3:49:00 PM
You're never too old. I took lessons in Tap and Jazz from the age of 5 or 6 until I was 18 and started in ballroom when I was 41.
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by Ladydance
8/16/2017  4:14:00 PM
I started Ballroom and Latin when I was 45 years old. I would look for Ballroom adult classes. Check with community centres, universities and independent studios.
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by nloftofan1
8/17/2017  10:14:00 AM
We started dancing when my wife looked for an activity we could both participate in after I retired. We started with a college "adult education" dance class, and moved on to real instructors. Now, nobody would confuse us with the twenty-something pros on the television dance shows, but we're moderately proficient and we both enjoy it (more important). More than that, there is real scientific evidence for the health benefits dancing provides. This website


is one good starting point for information.
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by atulpande
9/16/2017  6:06:00 PM
Entirely depends on what you want out of dance. My wife and I started in our fifties and we are having a great time everywhere there is live music -- bars, restaurants, sidewalks, parking lots, cruise ships, living rooms, kitchens, patios.... I think you get the point. But then, we are not aiming to be competitive dancers!
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by dheun
9/20/2017  3:38:00 PM
I learned around age 8. Kept with it through disco era and into my 30s. Stopped for a bit to spend time with my newborn son, got back into it later and still enjoy it at age 64, even though health issues hold me back more than I'd like at some times. Point is, it is fun at all ages and a great skill to have no matter what. Most any studio or even a park district teaches adults.

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