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Re: Plantars Fascitis in both feet....can't dance!!
Posted by bocagirl
6/13/2018  8:08:00 PM
While my feet were improving (I had soft tissue damage from care-giving, plus plantar fasciitis, plus an inflamed Baxter nerve keeping me in crutches for 8 months!!!), I wore SALSA DANCE sneakers once off the crutches. I kid you not, I was able to get back to dancing a few months sooner, because of dance sneakers (split sole, plenty of cushion, hard rubber smooth bottoms intended to allow spins).

I looked ridiculous wearing salsa sneakers for smooth dances (I like the Capezio Web sneaker with its spiderweb design, which fit me great with a wide toe box). But I wore them for everything - literally everything. Now, finally, I've graduated to a 1 1/2" heel.

I bought my dance sneakers larger in size so I could insert my orthotics. Once my foot had healed further, I moved into a Capezio practice shoe with low heel, and likewise put my orthotics in those.

I just wanted to make a shout-out for dance sneakers. If you need lots of foot cushioning, and want to insert orthotics, they work great! And, once you are back into regular shoes, you can use them at salsa clubs with your fellow salseros. I do that in Miami/Ft Lauderdale!
Re: Plantars Fascitis in both feet....can't dance!!
Posted by nloftofan1
6/14/2018  9:32:00 AM
Good advice. I was introduced to dance sneakers by an instructor who liked them because (1) he danced 6-8 hours a day, and they gave his feet better support than regular dance shoes, and (2) if he needed to go out to his car for some reason, he didn't need to change shoes. Even if you don't (yet) have foot problems, dance sneakers are a good choice for dancing on non-wood floors.
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