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Re: Play whole dance
Posted by BallroomChick
3/28/2019  3:12:00 PM
LOL - no ONLY the lady has to learn all the variations. That's because each man picks 4 or 5 patterns he likes to lead. Not all guys pick the same patterns.
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by bocagirl
2/9/2019  12:22:00 PM
It can be hard when getting started. Here's what we did. Find a step in the bronze syllabus - call it "B". Go to the "Preceded by" tab. Pick a step - call it "A". Go to the Followed by Tab, and pick a step. Call it "C".

Now you have a combo! A - B - C.
You can do this with everything in the preceded by column, and followed by column, for a huge number of variations.

If you do this, you or your partner will learn to lead the steps through all sorts of variations. It is a SUPER WAY to make sure you are leading it properly, and entering and exiting in proper foot position and frame! Hope this helps.
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by sweetjkim
2/12/2019  1:39:00 PM
Exactly same idea. E.g. For chacha. Basic - underarm turn - New York New York-underarm turn -shoulder to shoulder- under Arm Turn - spot turn Like this common choreography

I have tried to connect next movement by preceded by and followed by. But to hard. I drew many single steps in a big paper to connect them by arrow.
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by Andy Taylor-Maynard
2/26/2019  11:40:00 AM
I also feel I need to draw the steps of the routine down on a bit of paper, I'm often not clear on where I'm heading and what comes next etc. Thanks
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by bocagirl
3/16/2019  12:58:00 PM
What you did on paper is a great idea. I just did it differently by writing out drills (different combos) and calling them out to my husband (dance partner). It was fun to watch his head spin!
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by Andy Taylor-Maynard
2/26/2019  11:35:00 AM
That's excellent advice, I shall see how it goes. Many Thanks!
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by nloftofan1
2/13/2019  10:18:00 AM
When my partner and I were first learning to dance, our instructor went through a syllabus. But I found it difficult to think "on the fly" about putting together a sequence of patterns. I went blank on things we had learned to do very well in class. What worked for us was to put together a small amalgamation, just a sequence of four or five figures, and do that. Repeating that amalgamation three or four times got us through a dance, and–more important–helped us build confidence and gain experience.
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