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!!! Where you born to Hip Hop !!!
Posted by Big-Sexy
10/2/2003  7:25:00 AM
Aight well my name is Houston, I'm a 16 year old Hip Hop choreographer. I started dancing 4 years ago, and I was an ex-football playa, but jump completely into dancing at the age 12. I wasn't much to start off with, but after the first year pasted, it just started coming natural. And before long I'm where I'm at now. Um.. The reason I made this topic was so I could see what your life dance story was. And how we all got there, after about 4 people reply to me, I'll tell ya what I look for in a dancer, to help ya'll out a lil. Aight, till then
re: !!! Where you born to Hip Hop !!!
Posted by DJ Surge
10/6/2003  9:46:00 PM
This sounds like it's beyond important... so i'm gonna do my part(lol..that's punny) to help out!!
re: !!! Where you born to Hip Hop !!!
Posted by Naolat
10/9/2003  11:08:00 AM
Hi there, I'm new to this forum, so let me introduce myself, I'm a 23 yr.old female from Barbados, and I've been ballroom dancing off and on, for about 5 yrs. My gold medal exam is next on my agenda.

I did ballet for about 9 yrs before I got turned on to the world of ballroom.

What can I say, I LOVE dancing! I don't really know much about hip-hop dance apart from what I see in music videos, but I wouldn't mind givin' it a try!

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