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Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Tango Moon
5/7/2004  3:43:00 PM
There can only be 1 true Latin dance an that is without a doubt The True Argentine Tango, all other dances and particularly the nasty little ballroom version merely pale into insignificance by comparision, if you cannot dance true Tango, then simply you cannot dance !
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Latin Dancer
5/10/2004  9:14:00 AM
For me I think Rumba is the hardest to learn and dance because the technic How we can do it? the rhythm you have to feel in the music and know this dance what does it mean? It's a lady dance while dance you have to feel your partner just like your lover and romantic emotion.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by anon
5/10/2004  9:41:00 AM
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by beginer
5/29/2004  6:19:00 PM
the hardest is definatly jive!!!
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Anonymous
6/2/2004  10:30:00 PM
probably paso doble or rhumba for me
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by twnkltoz
6/8/2004  11:19:00 AM
I'd say samba...the motion is difficult, different from the other latin dances, and it's FAST!!! Rumba has a lot of motion, but it's slow so you have time to think about it. I've taken basic paso and found it easy, although you never get to practice it at dances. Cha Cha, while fast, doesn't require quite as much motion as rumba, but at least it's similar in execution. Jive is fast, but not a lot of motion to master.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Dancemachine
6/29/2004  2:58:00 PM
It depends on your definition of "hard". Is it technique? Stamina? Body motion? Timing? Characteristic? Every dance has something about it that is a challenge in the Latin categories, otherwise there wouldn't be 5 dances now would there? ;)

As for the comment on Argentine Tango ...it IS an exquisitely beautiful dance, but saying it's the ONLY true Latin dance sounds Elitist and ignorant. There are SO many beautiful dances around the world (Many of which are truelly authentic Latin dances).
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Laura
6/29/2004  3:23:00 PM
For me it's the Jive. That whole kind of flick thing with the feet and knees just escapes me.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by crimson_tear
2/25/2005  5:31:00 PM
i know this is rather late to comment, but
tango moon, who ever you may be, i will agree with you that argentine tango is wicked hard, it has no basic, but its not the only true latin dance. Stateing that if you cant do it than you cant dance is not only untrue, but incredibly rude and im sure all dancers of the argentine tango are ashamed for you and your rude comments.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by mamboqueen
2/25/2005  7:07:00 PM
Is Argentine Tango considered a latin dance??

I would say that samba is the hardest to learn, but I actually find rumba harder. Yes, it is slower, and you have more time to think, but you have to fill that time, and that requires skill. It also requires a great deal of control because of its slow speed.

My 2 cents.

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