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Strictly Dance Fever
Posted by Cara
2/3/2005  10:08:00 AM
Why do they keep changing the closing date for applications for the show Strictly Dance Fever, are they not getting enough applying? Every time I look at the web page its changed first it was 19th Jan then 31st Jan now theres different days for where ever you live!
Re: Strictly Dance Fever
Posted by IiE Web Design
2/3/2005  2:29:00 PM
Yes they have recently said on bbci that they were struggling for this year entrys.

Image is Everything, especially when it comes to your web presence!!
Re: Strictly Dance Fever
Posted by Anonymous
2/16/2005  5:04:00 PM
they spoke to my mum and i have an audition in glasgow but i still don't know where/when/what etc! what's going on?
Re: Strictly Dance Fever
Posted by Tanya
2/17/2005  3:10:00 AM
Hi Anonymous I dont know whats been happening the only thingi can think of is that 1 they have forgotten to ring back like they said... or 2 if u sent a video like i did we dont audition until the second round which will probably be a bit im stund havent a clue bit worried thou. I might just head to manchester on sat and try talking to someone- thats where the audition is this weekend.
Re: Strictly Dance Fever
Posted by annalisa
2/17/2005  10:58:00 AM
thanks tanya, one of my emails must have got to someone and i received a call today so panic over! i'm doing glasgow on the 5th so hope it goes well for you in manchester! xxx
Re: Strictly Dance Fever
Posted by Tanya
2/17/2005  1:48:00 PM
Cool let me know how it goes mines saturaday as in tomorrow so i will keep everyone post not like i'll get through but we can always live in hope...
Re: Strictly Dance Fever
Posted by annalisa
2/17/2005  5:32:00 PM
hey be positive! you never know what these people want so just relax and enjoy it and then either way you'll have had a good time! xxx
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