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Prime Time?
Posted by Helene
5/16/2005  9:37:00 PM

Did anyone here about a new TV show about ballroom dancing that will air during prime time beginning in June?

My mom told me she saw a commercial for it...

I am curious
Re: Prime Time?
Posted by Laura
5/16/2005  10:12:00 PM
"Dancing with the Stars" will start airing on ABC-TV on Wednesday, June 1, at 9pm. In it, six "celebrities" are paired with six pro ballroom dancers. They will compete together and then one couple will be eliminated based on a combination of the judges' scores and audience call-in votes.

The pairings are:

Jonathan Roberts & Rachael Hunter
Charlotte Jorgenson & that guy who played Elaine's boss on "Seinfeld"
Editya Sylwinska (sorry for killing the spelling) & Evander Holyfeld
Ashley Delgrosso & an ex-New Kid on the Block
Louis van Amstel & Trista from "The Batchelor" (or was it "Batchelorette")
Alec Mazo & someone who I can't remember

They're taping it in LA, but I don't know where; the shows will be broadcast live to the East Coast and on tape delay in the Pacific time zone. Not sure about Mountain.

Re: Prime Time?
Posted by crimson_tear
5/17/2005  7:58:00 AM
ok this show sounds really stupid. Instead of "celebrities" (and i use that tearm loosely) they should have had normal reality show ontestionats and like gotten a big name host. either way it sadly wont last long, nobody has to eat anything gross, (if they do i dont want to know how it fits into ballroom) i supose it gets ballroom out to the masses though, which is always a good thing. i plan to watch, i hope its actually entertaining.
Re: Prime Time?
Posted by Laura
5/17/2005  5:37:00 PM
Supposedly there's another show in the works called "Ballroom Boot Camp" which will take normal people (not "celebrities") and teach them to dance and prepare them for a competition. I don't have any details on this one, though.
Re: Prime Time?
Posted by johnxwalker
5/17/2005  10:02:00 AM
Pertinent to the 9PM given time, I assume that is 9PM Easter Daylight Time and 8PM Central Daylight time, (etc.)
Re: Prime Time?
Posted by Helene
5/19/2005  9:55:00 AM
Thanks Laura. You have an impressive wealth of knowledge on every topic!
Re: Prime Time?
Posted by Laura
5/19/2005  10:38:00 AM
Hahaha. :) I just have a head for trivia and the ability to type fast :)
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