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new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by LV
6/7/2005  12:43:00 PM
Hey guys, there's this new show on ABC called Dancing with the stars! It's on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Here's the link:


Check it out!
Re: new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by operabob
6/7/2005  5:43:00 PM

Join the party:


Mad Hot Ballroom starts here a week from Friday.

We've approached the theatre about our club performing before the show.

Re: new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by Bee
6/8/2005  12:41:00 PM
OB - that sounds like such a great idea (a dance "showcase" before the "Mad, Hot Ballroom" film). Is there a website or something that I can use to see when it's coming to my town?
Re: new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by Anonymous
6/7/2005  10:07:00 PM
Watched the first episode. It's not very good. Most of the stars can't dance even a basic step.
Re: new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by operabob
6/8/2005  5:05:00 PM

Think about how long it took you to get to Gold (or where ever). LOL!

Can't expect much from the "Stars" in 5 weeks.

I'm enjoying it because it's so bad.

Re: new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by operabob
6/8/2005  5:08:00 PM

Just Plug in "Mad Hot Ballroom" and your location into Google and see what comes up.

Just like the Trekkers before a movie a group of us in the local Gilbert & Sullivan Society dressed up in costume before the opening of "Topsy Turvy". We alerted the theatre first and they gave us free admission.

Re: new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by operabob
6/9/2005  12:46:00 AM
OK! OK! O'Hurley gets my vote tonight.

Evander was totally out to lunch but I have to admire his guts.

Sure, the little soap star is leg heavy but I thought she performed tonight and deserved better.

Re: new ballroom dance show on tv!!!
Posted by jpbdance
6/9/2005  8:00:00 AM
I was glad to see ballroom dance get the attention -- and apparently a large viewing audience, but I was disappointed that, with one exception, the couples ignored the basic steps. I would liked to have seen the couples do what would be seen on ballroom dance floors across the country -- and around the globe. For enhancements of the basic steps they would have done well to have drawn on ballroomdance.com resources, e.g., the four Rumba variations that the TJ and Catherine Abaya present on a DVD could have been learned well in the available time, would have looked great, and would have been identifiable as the Rumba. Best of all, the dances would have seemed within the realm of possibility for many viewers. As ut was, ballroom dance as shown on "Dancing With the Stars" seemed like an activity for a small, special group.
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