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European Latin 05
Posted by Don
6/16/2005  2:36:00 AM
We saw this last evening on pay TV. The European Amatuer Latin from Lithuania. Some of the comments by Karen Hardy and her fellow comentator were worth taking note of. Like this guy should put elastic in the bottom of his trouser leg, he is spoiling his leg line. Most of the comments were made during the solos. It was easy to see the remarks in action. Another was , they are dancing to each other and not the audience, this was very clear when it was pointed out. Most important was that too many variations don't give the audience time to appriciate what is being done. This I think would apply to any style. The presentation of the program was brilliant. There was a profile on all the finalists taken in a room lit only by candlight. They wore ordinary clothing, and did their little show piece, which was shown at about half speed. This is a great one to watch if you haven't already.
Re: European Latin 05
Posted by Juice23
6/16/2005  8:27:00 AM
Where do you live that they are showing this?
Re: European Latin 05
Posted by Don
6/17/2005  12:05:00 AM
Juice 23. Australia. We have over the past few years had all of the Ten Dance as well as World and European Amatuer Modern and Latin. My taped collection are from Austria. Canada. Lithuania. Russia. Finland.and of course Australia. In fact all of the IDSF
main events have gone to air here on Optus pay TV.. What I like about these competitions is that in the finals each couple has to do some of the dances solo. There are always former champions giving the comentary . Some of the comments come out as being good advice. A few years ago there was what I thought was a stunning profile. The couple just as the sun went down and it was getting dark, they danced a bit of Rumba on a wooden dock right on the waters edge. They were almost just a silhouette in the half light. Absolute Art.
Re: European Latin 05
Posted by Juice23
6/17/2005  8:26:00 AM
That sounds wonderful. Too bad they don't show dance like that in America! Any dance festival or competition I want to see I have to steal from a friend's tape! Thankfully though, now we have Dancing With the Stars here and it is doing great and getting top ratings! Also, on PBS this year they will once again show the Ohio Star Ball in November! Finally someone knocked some sense into the heads of those idiots at PBS. Sorry, but why did they have to cancel it? Plenty of people watched! Well, best of luck to dancesport in America and all over the world! ;)
Re: European Latin 05
Posted by Don
6/18/2005  3:11:00 AM
Juice 23. I would have thought that in the USA you would be watching even more that us. Evidently not. The programs are so well presented as all of the IDSF competitions are It becomes obviouse that the whole program is well thought out that the camera crew are not just locals who wouldn't know their right foot to there left. The judging panels are from all over the world which make it an international event. The IDSF represent four million people world wide. That's off their web-site.
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