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ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by AT
10/20/2006  1:34:00 AM

All tips highly appreciated for a candidate looking to prepare for the ISTD associate examination. Is it very intensive and time consuming? Who to contact in the LA, CA area? Average cost?

Thankss much in advance.
Re: ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by Anonymous
10/20/2006  9:24:00 AM
did you try looking on usistd website?
they list requirements, trainers, and even have a page of 'tips'
Re: ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by terence2
7/29/2007  9:14:00 AM
The cost factor, is largely in your control.

I have to assume you are already teaching ?-- if that is the case-- then rev.techn. will serve your needs, and may be studied ( at no cost to you ) at your leisure.

Suggest , when you are nearing an exam date, to get someone to quiz you on some of the mans and ladies steps, varying their questions .. it is primarily ( at this level ) a memory test, although you will be required to show a competant level of dance .

examiners costs vary-- if you are part of a days work, will be less than employing one just for you . The exam time--- 60 to 75 mins. ( dont forget to include rhythm dancing in your practical if doing B/Room ) 65 % is usually minim. pass grade --- and by the way-- good luck !!
Re: ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by SmoothGeezer
7/29/2007  3:04:00 PM
A while back there was a series of short articles written by Max M. Ali, M.D, under the name DanceMax. He described his experiences while taking the ISTD exams. Lots of good information, and it is interesting reading.
Read issues:
174, 176, 178, 180, 182,184,186, 188, 190, 192, 194,196, 198, 202, 209
Re: ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by iandesouza.de
10/12/2007  7:55:00 AM
Of utmost importance are the quality of your solo demonstrations!!
Make sure that in your demonstration you are "showing" all headings. It will then be easier to relate to the theory and the examiner is able to "see" what you know
Re: ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by operabob
10/12/2007  9:12:00 AM
E-mail me at:

cruisedancer (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

I was possibly going to do ISTD in LA and have contact info and application form.

Put "ISTD" in the title so I don't just delete it.

Things are different in the States I understand. Here with ISTD we just pay the application fee and hall costs. In the States I understand most associations also charge you the examiner's time (but I don't know for certain).

As it will be a bit inconvenient for me to do I've opted to do the new CDF (Canadian DanceSport Federation)exam until I'm near an ISTD examiner. I've been offered a Nov. 16 date but as we'll only just be back from vacation I'm going to request early January instead.



Re: ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by Anonymous
10/12/2007  5:35:00 PM
Just an idea. Would it work if the training of students to become qualified teachers could be run through the government as a course at the Universaty at an absolute zero cost to the student. At the completion of the course the student, would for a decided length of time, give there services also free to YMCA's and other types of organisations in return for the training they have recieved. I think everybody would benifit including the community as well as the student.
Re: ISTD tips for preparation or examination
Posted by terence2
10/12/2007  11:05:00 PM
The sports " $ ", is severly challenged already, in most colleges.

many programs have been deleted, due to insuffcient funds, and I dont believe dance would be given priority over Football etc .
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