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Re: Arched back?
Posted by Sami
4/27/2007  4:26:00 AM
Well Secret and msterpsichore,

I remember when my teacher told me this as well, he made me quickly stop this by telling me that every time I stick my butt out I will loose all my money, and when I did he dropped a 20c piece behind my back! I STOPPED STRAIGHT AWAY! Maybe ask your teacher to use a method like this!

But I do know that Professionals hips do indeed go past their shoulders, but they do not stick their butts out to do it! They,(in cha cha or rumba for example), place all their weight onto the back foot through their hips and when the move from leg to leg the sort of move their body to the other leg diagonally, mainly because all of their weight goes into the step, to the balls of the feet!

Good luck and hope you get used to Latin!
Re: Arched back?
Posted by TundraDancingGal
3/6/2016  4:50:00 PM
I realize this is a VERY old thread but my instructor was working on my posture and frame today and referenced Donnie Burns. I Googled it and this thread came up. A lot of what's in here is terrific, so thanks for that.

However, I'm still looking for the interview or class he was talking about. I guess Mr. Burns replied (when someone said it doesn't feel natural to stand that way) something like " Well then don't do it! But realize there are those of us who have worked for thousands of hours to make if feel natural!" I hope to find the actual interview or quote.
Re: Arched back?
Posted by Guest
3/7/2016  8:23:00 PM
Be careful as a lady . Arching the back is a stretch sideways and not directly back. It is not as most people think it is. In Latin you need a straight back. Lay on the floor and get the whole of your spine on the floor. Now stand up.
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