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Posted by jofjonesboro
7/9/2008  6:48:00 AM
That's a great idea.
I found just the right music: Happy Waltz

Thanks, LD.

Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by intabfab
7/8/2008  5:52:00 PM
I've been quietly reading all these exchanges between JJ and others. I can't sit back anymore...
JJ - you say everything is a joke and the other posters don't have a sense of humour...Perhaps you need to realize that you're not funny, just obnoxious. Noone takes advice from someone they don't respect no matter what their expertise. So if you plan on sharing your knowledge in a productive way please do so with as much maturity as you can muster. If not, then no one needs your input.
(I now sit back and wait for you to defend yourself in an aggressive way while pretending you meant it as a joke)
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by jofjonesboro
7/8/2008  6:35:00 PM
Defend myself against what?

Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Someone
7/9/2008  9:16:00 AM
Everything! What else?
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by jofjonesboro
7/9/2008  11:32:00 AM
Someone and all of your sockpuppets, take LadyDance's advice. I even found you some music.

Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by barrefly
9/4/2008  2:17:00 PM
Today's hustle.

jj needs to get out of the 70's. The link above is the hustle today. My daughter studied with Lacey...the girl in the clip. She is currently training with a cabaret hustle expert which is much more difficult then the dance in the clip. Cabaret uses a lot of lifts.

Cabaret hustle.

jj also states that if you can master the Mambo, Merengue, and Salsa...you can do hustle in your sleep.

jj.......are you really a dancer or do you just play one on T.V.?
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by DivaGinger
9/4/2008  10:09:00 PM
jofjonesboro, you DANCE SNOB! How can you DARE put Merengue above Hustle? It has... points... and spins... and goofy arm-styling... and EVERYTHING Merengue doesn't! *GASP*

Hey, is the "four-count" hustle either the 3-count leveled out or is it "bachata" or "bus-stop"? Just curious.

I think jofjonesboro is just jealous because it takes someone special to rock white platforms and a wide-lapel, purple paisley quiana (sp?) shirt!

(now-necessary disclaimer: )
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/5/2008  12:16:00 AM
The 4 count was put in place by the A/M studios to supplement the 3 count ( too fast for the older clientele and taught to beginners )
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by ddancer
6/14/2011  10:18:00 PM
Actually AM taught 4 count hustle before 3 count. Still teach it occasionally, but more stick with tap timing for someone who cant syncopate well. Teach C/W swing a lot though, which is basically the same as 4 count hustle anyway.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
6/15/2011  3:21:00 AM
And,, they started off with Latin hustle ,

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