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Re: Patterns
Posted by Iveta
8/12/2009  2:14:00 AM
I ordered this dvd last month, but as I see, this dvd is in Las Vegas still.... Two weeks in LAS VEGAS...
Re: Patterns
Posted by vickisb540
11/28/2015  8:26:00 AM
I'm unable to find Laura LaGasse or Dancesportimage. Any ideas? And any ideas where to find other patterns? Is the rhinestoneguy.com manual any good? And will I have to have a serger to have any success with this? I don't have one.
Re: Patterns
Posted by Liza
2/3/2016  4:49:00 PM
It seems that the Lagassa site is down (the under construction page kept coming up), after about a 24 hour search I found a side site that seems to carry some of the original content from the site (never having seen the original site I can't really know for sure, sorry) It has a good explanation on how to make a standard/smooth gown.
The link is: http://mirrors.itsalwayssomethingwithher.com/stepbystep_ballroomdress/
I've also found some interesting threads on sewing.patternreview.com and danceforums.com with some content on patterns, fabric, and stones.
Hope this helps.

Also if anyone has found other useful sites for constructing ballroom costumes I would greatly appreciate it, if you could post them. Although I'm a proficient sew-ist (not a word), having only minimal access to the pretty expensive gowns which makes analyzing garment construction uber difficult, everyone is so secretive Arg.
Re: Patterns
Posted by ballroomchick
2/8/2016  2:49:00 PM
The Rhine Stone Guy out of FL has a guidebook as well as how to convert street dress patterns into ballgowns.

Re: Patterns
Posted by Guest
2/11/2016  8:38:00 PM
I seem to remember my partner using a brides made paper pattern for the top half and buying the lower part ready made from a firm in London and joining them together.
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