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Dancing while pregnant
Posted by kaiara
7/23/2009  1:17:00 PM
Hey, I am very very pregnant and feeling huge and missing dance because the doctors have me on "sedentary" but not yet bed rest.

I would love to hear how others have danced through their pregnancies.

Stories of introducing your children to dance would be nice too.

Please, just something because I'm finding myself waltzing around the kitchen in a desperate attempt to get a dance fix.

Not to mention culling u-tube for my favorite old music and simply moving a bit to it even though I probably oughtn't.

But could I hear some stories please? Not dancing is just about killing me!

Re: Dancing while pregnant
Posted by terence2
7/23/2009  11:26:00 PM
There is a very famous couple (U.S ) that I had coached at the beginning of their career.. she became preg. and was due to dance in a world class event.. she made the decision to dance whilst being six months preg. ( standard ) of course, with the Drs consent
Re: Dancing while pregnant
Posted by kaiara
7/24/2009  2:57:00 PM
unfortunately, my doctor ordered me to spend the remainder of the pregnancy sedentary.

I was hoping more people would pop in and have something to add to this subject.

no dancing has got me down, and the list of dance classes for the fall got posted and I won't be able to take a single class.

Re: Dancing while pregnant
Posted by belleofyourball
7/25/2009  1:57:00 AM
I'm so sorry Kaiara.

I really know its frustrating to miss the freedom of dancing because of something happening with your body. Dancing is so freeing and once you've experienced that its almost impossible to live without. For me it's like food and water. I have to have it to live.

I don't have children so I can't give you an inspirational story. All I can do is sympathize. Maybe offer some advice.

Depending on your depth into the world of ballroom....you could always work on your arms. Don't force too much core movement. But it's always something everyone can work on. Of course check with your doctor too. Your pregnancy might be too perilous but I bet he will say yes if you sit and do them. It might lift your spirits and keep you connected to the world you love.

Just a thought :~}

Re: Dancing while pregnant
Posted by dheun
7/25/2009  9:14:00 AM
You may not have been expecting any males to check in on this topic, but I just saw a news segment on TV about how doctors are more likely to encourage exercise during pregnancy than they were in the past.
In my opinion, though, the rise and fall of the waltz and the hip action of other dances wouldn't be conducive to your current situation.
But here's something to look forward to: This particular news segment also focused on how women who, prior to their pregnancy, were active in some form of sport or recreation, found that they came back stronger after the birth of their child. The premise was that the endurance and the strength built up over carrying and delivering a child would equate to a stronger body and better performance.
A woman who was rather sedentary prior to becoming pregnant obviously wouldn't benefit from this theory. But a dancer sure would.
You'll be back at it, and probably better than ever, soon enough.
Re: Dancing while pregnant
Posted by kaiara
7/25/2009  10:11:00 AM
NOw that is very hopeful information. At the moment the pregnancy hormones have my ligaments so loose that one shoulder and both hips slip in and out of their sockets--a bit painful at times. But the thought that all the weight of the baby could be strengthening other aspects is welcome. I have noticed that stairs are not as difficult as I expected so perhaps going up and down to the bedrooms while pregnant has been a good thing for the legs.

Belle, I have been sneaking some arm exercises in, working on how I hold my hand when moving my arms in and out--doing it seated so as to limit my urge to move other ways. I've a DVD on Body Awareness and the woman dancer in it has the most graceful way of moving her hands so I've let myself do a bit of that; and a bit of the arm movements from belly dance too.

It is technically cheating on the "sedentary" orders but I suspect at least some of that order was given because the doctor noted that I am rather driven and he felt I needed to slow down.

I only have to survive through the end of September or early October, but it will likely be January or February before I get the new baby regimented enough to free me up for dance classes again. Once she can be put in a back pack I'll be much better off--backpack doesn't get in the way of ballroom!!
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