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What next?
Posted by DancerSA
12/26/2009  11:51:00 AM
I am just looking for a bit of advice from more seasoned and experienced dancers out there.

I am an adult male amateur ballroom and latin dancer studying international style. Although I have danced before I only made the switch to Ballrooom two years ago. In that time I have completed my gold medals in both ballroom and latin (achieving the highest grade.)

However at present I do not have a partner and I really want to compete at a high level as I know I have the drive, determination and potential to go for it. However finding a partner is not as easy as it seems.

Also every time i seem to mention the idea of competitions or dance partners to my teacher, she doesn't seem too thrilled. Other people have suggested that I go into teaching, but that would then mean I lose my amateur status and I would not be able to compete. I would love to teach in the future but I would love to get some competitions under my belt. I am a very competetive person and just feel that I am slowly losing motivation as I don't feel I have anything to strive for.

So I am a liitle confused as to what to do next, maybe this is something normal that other dancers have been through.Any advice would be great.
Re: What next?
Posted by Anonymous
12/26/2009  2:03:00 PM
DancerSA. This seems to be the time of the year when partnerships break up. As a male it should not be difficult to find someone as keen as yourself. Your best move would be to advertise on one of the dance sites stating your age height and weight and experience. We here having found a candidate would have a try out with a professional in attendance. The last say is yours. Just make sure that they are suitable and have the same commitment that you have. For instance if you are hoping and wish to compete at Blackpool sometime in the future. I would forget about teaching. Once you have crossed over in many countries there is no going back.Although if you are good enough you could compete as a professional. You don't have to pass any teaching thing. You don't even need a bronze medal to be a Professional Competitor. Just join the WDC. Or enter at Blackpool. The British, the UK or the Dutch titles.All three are completely open to all. Good Luck.
Re: What next?
Posted by DancerSA
12/26/2009  4:37:00 PM
Thankyou so much for your reply, it really helps to have someone just explain the whole thing clearly.

I certainly don't think I am good enough to compete at a pro level yet, but it helps to know what the routes are for the future.

I think I must compete as an amateur first if I find a partner and then see what happens from there, although teaching would be my last resort as I really just want to perform.

I have posted ads on various sites so hopefully something will manifest.

Thank you again.
Re: What next?
Posted by terence2
12/27/2009  12:29:00 AM
One of the key things is your age...

There are numerous ladies in the over 40 age bracket that are looking for partners ( again, major metro areas give more opportunity )..

Also, the country in which you reside ,will have a bearing on your choices.

One other thing, it is possible to revert to Amat. status after teaching as a pro ( and to some extent, competing ) I had a former student that I was training as a pro. and he reverted to Amat. status ( I,m not suggesting that you do that )

make your plight known on .. Dance Forums.. it has an extensive ballroom readership .
Re: What next?
Posted by DancerSA
12/27/2009  8:42:00 AM
Thank you terence for you comments. I really appreciate it.

I am 28 and from the UK, I have actually placed an ad on this and other websites, so now just waiting to hear. I have also contacted potential partners too.

Although by no means I think I am the best dancer out there, I know I have the potential and will to compete at a high level. As only in the space of a year I have gone from Bronze to Gold and also from beginner to Intermediate level. and I plan to work very hard to be at pre champ/amateur level very soon.

Hopefully with the right partner that will happen soon. I think just being very new to this world, I keep hearing conflicting things from teachers and dancers I know, so I never know what route to follow.
Re: What next?
Posted by terence2
12/28/2009  12:08:00 AM
Follow your heart !
Re: What next?
Posted by Anonymous
12/28/2009  8:29:00 AM
If your teacher is negative on the idea of you finding an amateur partner, then the first thing you need to do is to find a teacher who sees your dancing as important as her pocketbook.
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