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i know its way early, but future updates to site?
Posted by neobahamut72
12/16/2011  5:53:00 AM
Hey, I know you are working really hard trying to get out the content already, but I was curious about any knowledge of future tapings / timelines to put out new content.

I would potentially be interested in purchasing a premium membership at some point, but for now, there isn't enough content that is helpful to me to justify the cost.

For me, because the American syllabi area always so mysterious, having all the silver and gold figures for American would be lovely. Also, having more variations would be cool as well.

So, from what I know, you are finishing up silver now (I guess tango/fox/waltz american are left), and have to do bronze instruction. Is there any timeline for finishing this (few months I would guess?), and for doing taping / getting gold content? Thank you.
Re: i know its way early, but future updates to si
Posted by Administrator
12/16/2011  8:58:00 AM
Hi neobahamut,

The only concrete plan we have is for the next video shoot, which will be early 2012. During the last shoot we weren't able to get FJ & Catherine for the Rhythm, so we used another couple to film silver demo clips in the meantime. However, we didn't do any bronze instructional Rhythm clips with that couple. So we're scheduling a smaller, less expensive project to simply fill in that material with FJ & Catherine.

After that, the timeline is a little less clear. It's going to depend mostly on two factors: (1) how quickly I can process the existing material, and (2) how much revenue we can generate from premium membership on an ongoing basis.

So while I can't put any kind of timestamp on it, I can at least give you a general idea of what direction we're headed:

Demo clips have been popular in the past, and a great way to get material online quickly. But since we want to aim higher now with full instruction videos, they have become an expensive redundancy. This is not to say that we're doing away with demo clips on the website. But from this point forward, we will simply stop filming them separately as a way to get them up quickly in advance of the instructional content, if that makes sense. So after I've processed the current batch of silver demo clips, you won't see any new ones in gold until we've had time to catch up the full instruction content, all the way through full silver. Thereafter, in gold & above, the demo clips will arrive concurrently with the full instruction.

As for the current material, you are correct -- I'm now in the process of finishing silver clips in the American smooth. Because the Int'l clips went so quickly, I had originally thought that I could finish both Smooth and Rhythm by year's end, and then start full instruction bronze in January. But it turns out there's an average of 3 to 4 times as much video material in American style as there is in Int'l, so I'm not moving as quickly on that. Right now I have beginning silver Waltz & Foxtrot, plus an incomplete version of full silver Tango. So my revised estimate on finishing demo clips through full silver in American style is the end of January.

The full instruction content is not as easy to estimate, because I haven't touched it yet. But I suspect each figure will take quite a lot longer to edit than a simple demo clip. I really want to be done with full bronze by the end of 2012, but that may be a pipe dream unless I can afford to hire additional help with editing, which in turn depends on the income generated by premium membership sales.

Longer term, we're hoping to finish full silver, full gold, gold star, more variations, and most importantly, concept & technique lessons. We also want to add a few more dances to the roster, including Hustle, Argentine Tango, Polka, Two-Step and Bossa Nova. The farther we look into the future, the more ambiguous the order of things. But we'll be asking from feedback -- especially from premium users -- as the time approaches.

Jonathan Atkinson
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