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next updates and when?
Posted by neobahamut72
4/23/2012  6:07:00 AM
I have been following the site for quite a while, very impressed with all the updates that are coming.

I have not for financial reasons and for a lack of interest gotten a premium membership yet. Essentially I needed higher level material than was available previous. I am a silver (hopefully going up to gold...) dancer, and need material that would reflect that level. Now that the silver material appears to be finishing up, it seems to me that I might be getting material soon that would make it worth it to go ahead and upgrade. For this reason, I wanted to ask about what the next updates to the site will be, and what the timeline is.

I know that basically silver is done for everything, and that bronze instructional videos will be done soon, and that you wrote gold international standard would be coming up next. So basically, what is the timeline for finishing this, and doing gold latin, which I assume is next? Also, you mentioned that you might not be doing gold american, since there isn't "really" a syllabus for this, and that you would consider just adding new variations instead for american in place of this. I think this is a fantastic idea, and would like to know if this is actually happening, and over what timeline this would occur.

So basically, how long would it take for gold standard/latin to go up, and when could one expect new american material, since these are the things that are useful to me. Thanks for all the hard work / material, I'm looking forward to enjoying the site in its full glory hopefully in the near future.
Re: next updates and when?
Posted by administrator
4/23/2012  4:14:00 PM
Hi Neobahamut,

The remainder of 2012 will be mostly about delivering the material already filmed. We have a about a month left on the bronze & silver demo clips (which includes Mikhal & Olga's gold intl standard), and then we start work on the instructional videos. I can't be nearly as accurate with my prediction about these, because the editing process will be so different. I suspect there will be much greatervariation from one video to the next, but that the average instructional video will take many times longer than the average demo clip to produce. I think it's safe to say that the material currently in the can will not be finished any sooner than the end of 2012.

The instructional content filmed so far is actually only about half of bronze, so we have quite a way to go with that. However, we have skipped around a bit (and will continue to do so in future shoots), in order to speed things along, as not all figures require equal attention. I anticipate at least one more film shoot, probably in the fall of 2012, to finish up the essential patterns in bronze instructional, and possibly introduce a few silver patterns.

We haven't thought much beyond that, except that we know the general direction we want to be going. If memberships stay up, we'll do a couple more shoots in 2013, and we'll start expanding to far more couples, each teaching fewer things per session. whereas in previous shoots we had 3-4 couples each filming 20-30 lessons, next year we'll invite up to a dozen or more couples, giving them each 2-3 hours to teach a small handful of lessons. We'll continue to build the syllabus, but we'll also be spending time on basic technique lessons, variations, etc.

As for the Gold Latin demo clips -- we missed Mark & Viola on our last shoot, so it'll be taken care of next time. The editing will be worked into the schedule with the rest of the stuff toward the end of this year.

Jonathan Atkinson
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